Santa Daniela's Day, July 21. Names for girls

Daniela is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means 'God's justice'. We are facing one of the strongest names for girls that combines the delicacy and forcefulness of her personality.

Although she has always been known, Daniela has become more popular in recent years and is rising like foam on the lists of frequent names around the world. A very charming name that celebrates its name day on July 21, the day of Santa Daniela.

Due to the meaning of her name, Daniela stands out for her honesty and her sense of justice. The personality conveyed by the name makes Daniela a key figure in her group of friends, whom she brings to life with her funny character and happy. Effortless and creative, charisma surrounds this girl named Daniela.

The name Daniela it is known around the world and increasingly used. Its male variant, Daniel, is even more popular and both names are preferred by families looking for names with personality that are backed by the weight of tradition, without eccentricities.

If you have not yet decided on the name of your baby, Daniela is one of those safe bets. Its special musicality makes it a fancy name and with a touch of class that is hard to resist. And we must not forget the energy that it transmits as a strong and traditional name.

This name is especially known in Latin America where many famous people have inspired families to choose Daniela as a name for their daughter. Its growing popularity around the world, places it as one of those names capable of marking an entire era.

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