The Great Miracle. Stories for children

Without a doubt, stories also educate children. Not only the traditional and famous stories, but also the stories that are written by the parents themselves to teach values ​​to their children. offers the opportunity for parents who, in addition to caring for and educating their children, also write stories for them, to share their writings here, with other parents. On this occasion, we publish the story 'The Great Miracle ', which speaks of how beautiful there is and that it is transformed into nature, for children.

In a beautiful and lush tree, a happy and smiling little worm named Nano was born, an inhabitant who gave much to talk about in the forest. And is that since he was born, Nano has always behaved differently from the other worms.

He walked slower than a turtle, he tripped over almost all the stones he encountered, and when he tried to change leaves ...... what a disaster! .... he always fell.

For that reason, the worm colony called him the clumsy worm. Despite teasing from her peers, Nano always kept her good mood. And he had a lot of fun with his clumsiness.

But one day, when autumn came, while Nano was taking a walk around, a large cloud quickly covered the entire sky, and a huge storm fell.

Nano, who didn't have time to get home, tried to wrap herself on a sheet, but she slipped off it and ended up falling to the ground, hurting herself a lot. One of his legs had broken, and he had become lame. Poor little worm ... clumsy and lame ... Clutching a leaf, Nano started crying. It is that he could no longer play, or go for a walk, or walk ... But, one night, when Nano was almost asleep, a small light began to fly around him.

At first, he thought it would be a firefly, but the light began to grow and grow ... and suddenly, it transformed into a fairy dressed in green. Nano, scared, asked him:

- Who are you? And the woman said to him:

- I'm a fairy and my name is nature.

- And why are you here? Nano asked.

- I have come to tell you that when spring comes, a miracle will occur that will make you feel the happiest and freest creature in the world - Explained the fairy.

- And what is a miracle? Nano continued.

- A miracle is something extraordinary, wonderful, magnificent! ...... The fairy explained and immediately disappeared.

Time passed and winter came. But Nano hasn't stopped thinking about what the fairy had said. Anxious for the arrival of spring, Nano counted the days, thus forgetting his little problem.

With the cold, all the worms began, with a thread of silk that came out of their mouths, to weave the thread around their body until they formed a cocoon, that is, a little house in which they would be enclosed and sheltered from the cold, for part of winter. After some time, spring had arrived.

The forest was dressed in green, the plants in flowers, and finally what the fairy had promised happened ... The great miracle! After having been asleep in her cocoon all winter, Nano woke up.

In the heat it was, the cocoon melted and Nano was finally able to know the miracle. Not only did Nano notice that he walked well, but he also had multicolored wings that moved and made him fly.

It is that Nano had stopped being a worm and had become a happy butterfly, and that he no longer limped.


1. What was Nano doing differently from the others?

2. What did they call you in the tree?

3. What happened to Nano because of the storm?

4. What did the fairy say to Nano?

5. What happened when spring came?

6. What has Nano become?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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