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"New adventures of a good dog" W. Cesarz, K. Terechowicz

When you read several books a month, often five pieces at a time - another in the morning, another at tea and another bedtime child, and besides absorbing the mass of articles, reports and forms of written communications, you can feel material fatigue and sometimes find yourself in that individual items are similar to each other and reading them is not pleasant.

Fortunately, this proposal was not troublesome for me or my husband. Written in perfect language, colorful and lively, combined with simple and interesting adventures gave us pleasure while reading. The daughter, who is a little over two years old, was not able to understand all of Winter's adventures, but she proudly announced before reading that now mom / dad will read about the dog ... The book is recommended for parents and children over seven years.

"The New Adventures of a Good Dog" is the second part of the adventures of the thoroughbred Alaskan Malamute. The first remained awarded in the Literary Competition Astrid Lindgred and is on the list of gold items recommended for reading to children by the Whole Poland Reads to Children Foundation.

I have no doubt that this one will also be highly rated in many reviews and competitions. First of all, in a simple way, without avoiding education, it describes everyday events, adult quarrels, minor misunderstandings, funny situations, behaviors for various unexpected changes ... All through the eyes of a dog who, like a child, on the one hand is charmingly naive, and on the other in an incredibly mature way understands the reality that surrounds him and is able to explain it to himself so that it is more tolerable, and at the same time easier to accept in such an edition as it is: i.e. not idealized, but true, taking into account the light and shadows.

Adventures are read lightly and with a smile. The humor is designed so that some threads can make parents laugh, other children.

However, the atmosphere is the most positive in the whole message. The message is optimistic and warm. In "The New Adventures of a Good Dog" you won't find banalities or images straight from graphic programs. Everything is refined at the highest edition, and this in times of constant rush and making books "on your knee" is unfortunately not the norm.

Winter loves all his family. Although he is a great observer and sees all the flaws and imperfections of individual members. He will always find time and positive emotions for others. It is a pity that adults have problems with it so often ...