Baby Ono head washing mug

The headwashing cup is meant to be a rescue for kids who don't like dipping hair and are afraid of pouring water into their eyes. However, the assessment of its effectiveness is very individual. Some children accept a cup, others refuse to wash their heads with it for any treasures, and as they protested without it, they continue to protest. Therefore, it is worth focusing on other aspects of this product in the assessment.

First of all, the cup is quite large and is suitable for older children, over two years old. For younger people it can be awkward and uncomfortable and can cause water to spill sideways and instead of running down your head, it will flood your toddler's face.

The mug itself is solidly made. Plastic is durable and rubber is elastic, although it seems a little too coarse and not susceptible to deformation when applied to the head.

Pouring water into individual compartments may cause difficulties (the cup has two). In addition, if the child does not want to cooperate and does not tilt his head back, then the cup is unlikely to work.

You can also write something else: a mug is obviously not necessary. You can efficiently wash your baby's head by using a regular small bowl and by covering the baby's forehead with his hand.

The price is a plus: around PLN 20.

Our overall rating: