The first time the baby says daddy

The baby's first words or sounds are usually gurgling, gurgling. The infinite vowel aaaaaaaaa, repeated over and over again in different tones, or a string of meaningless consonants ... But the first time our baby calls us, our heart hits us hard. Can there be greater happiness than that?

To the grief of mothers, babies usually say 'dad' before (although not all, of course). The reason is simple: the phoneme 'p' is easier to articulate than the 'm'. But how exactly does the baby learn to say 'daddy'?

Repeat, repeat and repeat. As simple as that. Talk looking into his eyes, gesturing a lot. Pronouncing each letter well, slowly, to that the baby can notice the movement of the mouth, in the sound it generates. How you should position your tongue, how you should move your mouth. It seems simple, but talking, for a baby, is a world.

In this case, the baby has learned before to say 'mama' ('mum'), because in the Anglo-Saxon language, 'papa' is' dad ', and the phoneme' d 'is more complicated to articulate than the phoneme' m '.

Many parents worry. They see other children talking and constructing simple sentences, while theirs just spins two words in a row. But each child follows a different rhythm. There are more precocious children, who speak perfectly when they are three years old, and others, however, still use their fingers to point to objects that they are not capable of naming.

We should not be concerned if at the age of three he is able to pronounce words with p, m, b or n (like 'mama' or 'papa'), but still has a hard time pronouncing 'dog' or 'carrot', as they include letters whose phoneme is more complex. In fact, until the age of 5 or 6, it is more normal for children to not be able to correctly say (or at least have difficulty pronouncing) words that include cr or gr (chrome, croquette, pomegranate ...). From the age of 6, children build practically perfect sentences.

There are no hard and fast rules, therefore. Some babies will say 'mom' first, others 'dad'. Some will take time to form sentences. Others will not stop talking. There are those who babble a lot, and rehearse over and over again. Others are more reserved and observe, and a lot, but without speaking. And one day they begin to name each thing by name. And yours, do you remember when he started talking?

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