Time for mom

Children close their eyes? Parents are kissing!

You don't need much time for kisses. Tenderness will be satisfied with the moment. A transient brush, a quick kiss, announcing what will happen next. It doesn't matter how the kiss will look. It is worth stopping for everyone. Everyone improves mood and health. For the benefit of all ... Also children.

Are you worried that they are watching? Well, so what? Let them see that parents are in love!

The kiss is perfect for worse mood, and it's so easy in winter when the evenings are too long and the children are too strenuous. Just a moment to release a dose of endorphins into the body. That is why people in love are more optimistic and see the world in ... pink.

Although the young mother should not be short of time for walks, it is different in winter ... In this topic, the kiss that also helps oxygenates the skin and makes the skin radiant and looks younger.

Kisses they extend life. According to scientists, up to 5 years. It's enough to indulge in pleasant kissing often to live longer. Kisses level the pressure, reduce the level of bad cholesterol, accelerate the heart rate and improve the functioning of the whole body.

The kisses warm up, thus improving circulation, they add energy, and as you know, there is never too much ... especially when small children run around the house. In addition, it is also beneficial to oxygenate the brain and improve concentration even after a sleepless night.

For some, the argument can also be burning calories. You can burn 6 to 12 calories per minute during one kiss.

In addition, kisses reduce stress, allow you to catch a distance to everyday life. In a few moments they let you feel the blissful peace.

It's worth kissing. Not only from holidays, but always. Kisses enrich emotionally. These are deeds more important than words. Also for our children who, seeing that parents love each other, are preparing themselves for adult life and taking a very important lesson of respect for another person.