Time for mom

Do you love your body

This question is worth asking, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Scientists emphasize that it is very difficult to love your child in a mature way if he does not give himself acceptance of his self-acceptance. Only self-love can give full love to another person: a partner or a child. Meanwhile, all complexes and shame resulting from excessive kilos, stretch marks or cellulite stand in the way of complete happiness. They often inform the child in an unconscious way that the body is a "battlefield" and a constant reason for dissatisfaction ...


These are banalities, still repeated, but how real: beauty can be found in any size. The main thing is to feel good about yourself and to find your weight. Nutritionists have often explained that each of us has their ideal weight, with which he will feel good and look good, although it is often far from propagated patterns. It means that all efforts to lose weight or gain weight in a given area will be very difficult and usually cost you great suffering. In many situations it is better to accept your own weight and exercise and take care of yourself not for a specific purpose, but simply out of pleasure and a sense of love for your own body. A simple change of attitude can change a lot ...

This does not mean that we are not to take care of ourselves, but that it should be done in harmony with ourselves.

  1. Every now and then treat yourself to a dose of healthy egoism.
  2. Eat like a baby - this does not mean a little, but compose meals from the best ingredients and bet on a variety of recipes.
  3. Move like a child - with full energy, spontaneously. When you can, get up, don't sit still. Get the most joy from movement.
  4. Take care of your body - do not deny yourself from time to time to relax in the bathtub, better cosmetics, or as funds allow visits to the beautician.
  5. Observe yourself and do regular tests: cytology, morphology, urine, visit a dentist. When you get sick, give yourself the opportunity to recover and regenerate.

And what do you do only for yourself?