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"Stubborn children. From conflict to cooperation "

Author of the bestseller "When to allow? When to forbid? ”Writes an important book about how to deal with so-called difficult children who cause greater than" average "educational problems, because their stubbornness and desire to test everything and everyone is easily upset. The consequence of this is the parents' use of various educational methods, their continuous improvement, endless hesitation and frustration. Robert J. MacKenzie explains how to cope when words are not enough, how to draw consequences and allow all family members to function normally.

What can you find out?

"Stubborn children" is an interesting item that explains step by step how deal with everyday problems, bigger and smaller ones. The author begins by making us aware of the differences that exist between strong children and others.

He also explains how parents are to cope in a difficult situation: getting to know each other, their own temperament and ways of behaving in difficult situations.

In this way he lectures something that is often difficult to see, i.e. schematic behavior when the child breaks the rules and does not listen. The author calls them "family dances", a sequence of activities that are repeated in the same way and which the parent and child know by heart.

It also explains how to interrupt them. So that the request for keeping order, good behavior and correct choices is not an empty repetition, asking, or ineffective motivating.

Extensive examples

In the guide we will find many examples, explanations of specific problems that often appear in life. The author discusses situations in which the main character is a three-year-old, five-year-old, eight-year-old or already a teenager. Explains the upbringing of children in different age categories.

In this way, it creates a guide for parents who want to take up the effort of upbringing. Signpost on the road where major problems occur. You can get a book by taking part in the competition.