Parental hits

Bambino soap

It is difficult to find a product for children that would have positive feedback in 95% of cases. This situation occurs in the case of the popular, say, legendary, timeless soap for children Bambino.

Many rankings on the internet and opinions issued on forums confirm that Bambino soap is highly rated and readily chosen. Also because it is well available and you can get it at a low price, usually not exceeding PLN 2.

The soap is there delicate. Good for younger and older children. They can be used from the first days of a child's life. It is usually well tolerated because it has a natural composition and a delicate, pleasant smell. Rather, it does not cause irritation and allergies, unless in the case of very sensitive skin, prone to irritation (sometimes works even in the case of atopic skin). It is well tolerated and recommended for allergy sufferers. It has moderate foaming, which should rather be considered an advantage, although this feature can be an obstacle for older children.

After using it, the skin is soft and cleansed. All thanks to the composition. The soap is: vitamins, panthenol, zinc oxide, high-quality vegetable oils.

Bambino soap also reaps performance benefits.

Sometimes it is used to wash the heads of the youngest children. It allows you to effectively clean hair and leave it soft and fragrant. Some mothers also use it to wash children's toys.

Minuses? It leaves a residue and can sting the eyes. Some mothers believe that soap is not practical for the youngest children because of the risk of slipping.