A rat in Nestle porridge?

A series of negative information on the quality of children's food products is another example. Yesterday afternoon, on the Facebook profile, one of the mothers, Ms. Kamila, published photos that are supposed to suggest that something similar to a rat was found in the porridge. After initial inspections of the sanitary department, the diagnosis was made that it was rather not a rat, but a clumped porridge. We have rightly started the alarm. Information was exchanged about the supposedly contaminated party: 233803351. Internet media devoted a lot of space to this matter.

What's the truth? Was a rat really found in the porridge? Sanepid denies. He declares that after testing the sample it turned out to be a lumpy piece of cake.

After testing, it turned out that it was only a flat shape resembling a rodent. A texture and color reminiscent of a raw dough.