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Granna Lotto House - a game for two-year-olds

Can a 2-year-old play board games? I had some doubts, but it turns out to be unnecessary ... Daughter a few days after her birthday eagerly took on this product. It turned out to be an interesting challenge. Initially difficult, but at an express pace to master. Now we can play with it in many ways.

Fun Home is about searching for details and matching elements to a larger whole. Examines knowledge of what is in the immediate surroundings of the toddler. It consists of four basic boards: kitchen, bathroom, living room and children's room, and a dozen or so smaller ones presenting the elements found in each of them.

The game can be played with one child or in a group (up to four people). You can play on time: who first matches all the elements, as well as talking about what you see on the boards, what are the specific items for, whether they are in the child's home, what they are for. There are many possibilities. Much depends simply on the imagination of parents and the children themselves.

On the form side: the game is made of thick cardboard. Pictures are clear and quite large. Suitable for small two-year-old hands. In addition, the game is light, takes up little space, it's easy to move and take with you wherever you want.

Plus also for the price: we will receive the game for 15-20 PLN. I would recommend.