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Clever mother. We borrow children's cosmetics

Clever mother. We borrow children's cosmetics

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Many mothers I know admitted to using cosmetics that they bought for their children. While some of them use children's products as intended, so the ingenuity of others became the inspiration to write this article.
If you are interested in the unusual, sometimes shocking use of our baby products, I invite you to read.

Double life of moisturizing wipes

What can you do with a product whose task is to clean the child's ass, hands or face from dirt? If it moisturizes and removes dirt, it works well in the role helper for removing makeup. Huggies wipes perfectly collect eye shadows, dissolve mascara perfectly applied to eyelashes, have no mercy for waterproof lipstick or fluid. They prepare the face for further hygienic procedures. They will work at home, while camping. Not only that, their cost is much lower than typical makeup removal wipes, and their number also speaks in their favor. You just have to pay attention to the composition of the wipes. Some may irritate the eye area.

Quite by accident I discovered another hitherto unknown feature of these tissues. Driving a car, I poured a light blouse with juice. At that time, I only had my daughter's handkerchiefs packed into a children's bag. To my surprise, coped with a pink spot, and after drying, no trace remained at the crime scene that would reveal my awkwardness.

This product will also work in a crisis situation. My friend uses them for polishing furniture, a television remote control that has recently become the favorite object of interest for her annual kid. He praises the low content of chemistry and the lack of corrosive agents. Another, heading for a job interview, admitted that she had happened to them wipe leather shoes, which passed a puddle mishap, thanks to which its appearance did not raise any objections to the employer.

My next interlocutor without embarrassment admitted that she sometimes uses her child's moisturizing wipes to refresh the intimate surroundings. I must admit that it is right, especially when traveling.

The least unusual use of the product described is the use by a friend of the driver who, when he has no access to running water, cleanses the hands moisturizing wipes before consuming your second breakfast.
I have to admit that this inconspicuous children's cosmetic has universal application, and clever parents can use it in various ways.

Just oil

If you like the scent that is evidently associated with a baby, let your favorite olive envelop your body. In addition to the fact that some of the olives available on the market can keep the skin up to 10 times more moisture than popular lotions, they have other interesting properties. However, before we get to them, I would like to mention a certain ingredient that makes long-term use of the product described can bring the opposite effects. Namely, I mean paraffinum liquidum. And this is not a spell Harry Potter heard at Hogwarts, it is an ingredient derived from crude oil.

Analyzing the information leaflet that accompanies the product, it can be seen that most olives contain the component mentioned. But, clever parents will find olives that use fats of vegetable origin.

Why did I raise this issue? Because many women who carry new life under their hearts use olives for moistening the belly, thus trying to protect the skin against stretch marks. Comparing popular specifics for pregnant women, whose producers promise miracles in the form of protection against red, emphasizing different lines with olives, the latter from an economic point of view come out cheaper, and qualitatively do not differ significantly from typical cosmetics that prevent their creation. However, if you decide to apply olive oil to a growing belly, remember that it should be without paraffinum liquidum. This ingredient does not contain: Màdara Ecobaby Mildes Babyöl available in the network Douglas, Weleda Baby & Kind Calendula Pflegeöl, Babysmile Nature Pflegeölwhich we'll buy at the Schlecker drugstore, Olive for children and babies Mother MacKar's Treasure, Baby care oil Calendula Pflege Ol by Bubchen, Care oil HiPP Babysanft.

If you do not like to rub the product into the body, you can add a small amount to the water. After such a bath the skin will be softer to the touch.

Returning to the unusual uses of children's cosmetics, experts on the topic shared their ideas with me. Did it happen to you fight the zipper on pants, jackets or skirtswho suddenly refused to obey? Next time instead of looking for the candle used so far, look into the children's dressing table. Well, the olive, a few drops of it with a cotton pad or a cosmetic petal will cope with such a task. It is enough to wipe the resistant, or as some prefer a malicious dead thing several times oiled cotton wool on each side and close and open the lock several times. It really works!!!

If you prefer home hair coloring, you must have often stained your skin with paint. It would seem that since you have not greased the scalp and ears with cream before, there will be a trace left over the next few days. And here comes the olive that will help restore the skin's natural color. In cooperation with the cosmetic pad, it effectively removes unwanted stain.

Tired of everyday duties of parents, daddies raging on their knees on pasted floors with a descendant on their backs, mothers whose spine refuses to obey - it brings relief warming patch. Although its sticking to a sore spot on the back does not require any effort, its picking is neither fast nor pleasant. To facilitate your task and without wild shouts and tears in the eyes (and unwanted black marks on the skin) to effectively get rid of the used patch, I recommend a patent. Well, imagine that it is enough to treat the dressing generously with olive, then wait until it is absorbed and with a smile you can start picking.

I also met with the opinion that children's olive works more effectively than clove or vanilla oil, which is to scare away flies. The body smeared with olive oil supposedly discourages the smell of mosquitoes hunting our blood.

On the other hand, I suggest to home cleaning enthusiasts treat the furniture with the product described and then polish. Housewives using this method praise the final result of such a procedure. As they say - the wooden furnishings of the apartment gleam after it like the eye of a teen in love.

The product I am describing will also work as a help during a partner massage. It will increase the experience and will definitely contribute to a nice continuation of the evening together.

Olive can also help to remove sticky chewing gum from clothing. And it will not surprise me if you know other, interesting, unusual applications ...

With Sudocrem for you

Hearing about Sudocrem, most of you will associate it with a preparation that prevents and soothes sore burns on the baby's bottom. But do you know that it is also used to fight acne? Its astringent and disinfecting properties are due to the content of zinc oxide and benzyl alcohol in its composition. People suffering from this mostly youthful condition apply it locally to blemishes or as a mask applied in the evening to the face. Due to the color and density Sudocrem is not suitable as a base for undercoat. Called "Cudokrem" dries unwanted skin imperfections and brightens the skin. Special care should be taken to ensure that the product does not come in contact with the eyes.

Sudocrem has also been used among patients suffering from pressure sores. Because it does not cause irritation, it can be used on people who have sensitive skin. It will bring relief when we get bitten by insects. It will be useful after depilation of the legs or bikini area. It will ease skin abrasions and small wounds. And if we display our bodies on the beach too long, it will be useful as soothing effects of excessive tanning. When we happen to go for a walk in the winter and forget about gloves, slightly frostbitten hands will regain their aesthetic appearance if we treat them with a large layer of Sudocrem.

Wonderful properties of everyday objects

If you would like to instantly refresh your hairstyle, whose tip is slightly greasy, help comes with baby powder, used to care for the ass. I remember when my mother told me that in her youth, a quick way to improve her hair was to sprinkle it potato flour. It absorbed sebum. Then all she had to do was get rid of her presence. Children's powder works on the same principle. It is known that this is a solution that should not be used every day, only in exceptional situations. After all, it's not just about masking the problem, but to get rid of it.

When yours hair is greasy very quickly, I recommend washing them with children's shampoo. Johnson camomile or the cheaper Bambi will work in this role. I tried it on myself and I can recommend it with a clear conscience. All day hair looks impeccable, fluffy, soft to the touch and light. I would just fault the fact that for Johnson's product I had a problem with combing strands for the first few days. An additional advantage of this shampoo is that in the absence of a favorite floor cleaning fluid, will pass the exam as a backup version. Tiles treated in the kitchen or bathroom will not only shine clean, but a pleasant smell will spread throughout the apartment. In addition, these cosmetics do not sting the eyes and contain less chemistry than typical adult specifics. However, we should remember that children's shampoos do not contain ingredients that help to take care of hair damaged by dyeing, tired with a hair dryer or straightener, and even attacked by dandruff.

When we run out of make-up removal wipes or a product designed for it, we can use it body lotion, which we bought for our child. Here, I especially recommend Johnson's Baby Gentle Milk. Just remember that its contents do not get into your eyes. Mentioned product also gently moisturize dry hands and will not leave an oily layer on them.

In winter, we protect leather shoes against cracking and the negative effects of salt, which is spread on pavements, if used baby cream to protect against cold.

The need is the mother of invention

Children's cosmetics are also useful for adult consumers. Sometimes we discover their unusual use quite by accident, other times we consciously use them contrary to their original purpose. Thanks to such experiments, we can learn many interesting things, and above all get out of many cosmetic oppression.