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Trefl Locomotive rhyme puzzle

The Trefl brand is probably known to everyone. Produces primarily great puzzles, games and even toys. I thought that in the world of puzzles nothing can amaze me anymore, and yet the Trefl puzzle suited me and my son.

At first glance, only solid puzzles are hidden in the cardboard case, but when opened, it turns out that in addition to them, there is also a booklet. Puzzle Poem - "The Locomotive" is nothing more than the famous poem by Julian Tuwim and in the form of a puzzle. Although my two-year-old brother loves both puzzle and book reading, however, too long son's books are boring, and difficult puzzles discourage fun. However, the "Locomotive" is different. Contrary to appearances, it is not very easy to arrange, but with the help of my mother reading the attached book - it becomes trivial.

A great way to combine fun with learning - children learn to understand and listen to the text with interest to connect the next element of the train. As soon as the child hears.

"And full of people in every car,
And in one cow and in another horse,
And in the third sit only fat people,
They sit and eat fatty sausages "
At this stage, the child knows that the first element are to be cows, then horses, etc. Playing with the puzzle draws so much that it does not end on one arrangement, and the next matching of the puzzle is equally interesting when you read the book a second, third and next.

Basic advantages

  • develops children's imagination
  • stimulates visual-motor memory
  • the locomotive is very large, approximately 130 cm long
  • all packed in a massive, ecological box - a suitcase - which further encourages the child to play
  • beautiful colors and drawings placed on puzzles
  • the puzzle contains 14 large, safe puzzles (made of very durable cardboard)


  • I found only one - the booklet - is made of soft pages, susceptible to tearing and bending, which means that it may not last long in children's hands. Therefore, in my opinion, hard cardboard pages would be a better solution.

The manufacturer suggests, due to the level of difficulty, that the puzzles should be designed for children over 3 years old, but calmly two-year-old can practice with his parents his visual-movement memory when laying. There are three versions of the puzzle available in the stores - the "Locomotive", "Rzepka", "Glasses" rhymes, probably everyone will find something interesting for about PLN 30.

With a clear conscience I recommend to all 2 and 3 year olds.