Equality in Swedish

Toys R Us is the world's largest company specializing in the sale of toys and accessories for children and adolescents. In this year's catalogs in Sweden, the company decided to face discrimination and imposing certain roles on girls and boys. In holiday catalogs, boys play with dolls, and girls pose for photos with guns. Neighboring Denmark and Norway have not decided on this kind of mental revolution. Children are shown in traditional roles on prospectuses.

Why such a decision? She is consequence of a warningwhich the Top Toy network received in Sweden a few years ago from a national agency that cares for compliance with laws that protect against gender stereotyping. The brand focused on modernity, i.e. switching toys as products for children, not specific proposals intended only for girls or only for boys.

Changes in the Swedish catalog go further. Girls wear blue T-shirts, in place of standard pink ones.

One can argue whether the above decision in Sweden is good or not. It remains a consequence of previous changes. In early 2012 to the official language in Sweden new pronoun "hen" introduced, meaning gender neutrality. It means neither 'he' (Swedish han) nor 'she' (Swedish hon). In addition, in Sweden it is not possible for the hairdresser to differentiate prices based on gender, women can swim topless in public pools. Girls aiming with a toy weapon on the prospectus are only a confirmation of a certain way of thinking.

And what do you think about it? Should boys combing dolls and girls playing with cars pose in advertising brochures?