Parental hits

Paklanki - nappy bags

Rather not for home use. However, the travel cannot be overestimated. Especially where we are forced to throw the diaper with a surprise into an open basket, for example in the clinic or at "children" friends. The nice smell encourages you to put on a not always nice-smelling diaper. Practical opening allows you to quickly pull out the pouch. And the tight closing allows you to keep the smell even for several months.


  • Interesting colorful packaging
  • Good closing
  • The bags are not transparent, thanks to which their contents are not visible at first glance,
  • Nice smell,
  • handy,
  • Comfortable in binding,
  • Durable,
  • They take up little space
  • Not the worst price around PLN 6 for 50 items,
  • Quite large, they can even contain 2 diapers.


  • non-organic product, extends the time it takes to unfold diapers, which in themselves tire Mother Earth for a sufficiently long time,
  • it is not possible to choose bags with different aromas,
  • are not necessary.

Paclan's packets are generally good. It is not a necessary product, for many people it may seem not worth the price. However, in my opinion, very useful when traveling and when we go "in guests." For use from time to time.