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Not everything for sale .... Instagram

Instagram is an application dedicated to people passionate about photography. The program has been extremely eagerly used by iPhone users so far, it is now boycotted. All due to a change in the regulations that allows the owner of the application to sell users' photos (e.g. for advertising) without obtaining their consent.

Programs, social media, websites sometimes go a step too far. Based on the trust placed in their users and at the same time on their attachment, they introduce provisions that are extremely unfavorable to those who care about their privacy. An example of recent days is Instagram, a program that is also extremely popular with parents. This application is intuitive to use, allows you to quickly upload photos on the Internet, without access to the network, easy processing and, for example, adding colored frames.

Today, however, after making changes to the regulations shortly after buying the application via Facebook, users are increasingly turning away from the program. They add photos with a comment that this is the last photo that the program owner will be able to sell.

The market does not like a vacuum. I wonder when and how the competition will use this situation.