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What to play with a one-year-old child 2

What to play with a one-year-old child 2

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In the previous article I proposed several tried and tested ways that help diversify the time spent with the year-old Baby. And this time I would like to give you some fun that have been successful in our home.

My friend's book

When I remember the happy years of my childhood, an idyllic image of my mother's reading book appears before my eyes. My generation collected items from the series "Read me mom", with which parents first acquainted us, and then myself under the covers with a flashlight in hand to follow the fate of favorite heroes.

It is said that you should not judge a book by its cover. Contrary to common stereotypes, we should focus on what the given reading is made of. For the youngest readers, I suggest buying waterproof educational aids made of non-toxic materials. Most of them have been enriched with a hidden pipe, which is a great attraction for a child and teaches causal relationships. An additional advantage is that the toddler can read the content of the reading while bathing. In addition to being easy to clean, its first teeth are not afraid, they are even looking for a way to explore the world around them.

For people who attach importance to the aesthetics of the product, I recommend material books whose interior has been stuffed with foam or other soft material. This reading may resemble a pet or a house. Some of them have gadgets attached in the form of pipes, mirrors, rustling inserts, or each page has a separate invoice.

I sincerely advise against cardboard books whose corners have been secured with foam. My daughter got a lovely reading, whose heroes were her favorite animals - horses. Each side was completely bitten and torn.
Let's pay attention to the content and pictures. At the beginning, the little reader will be satisfied with uncomplicated pictures of objects known to him or animals. A good book does not have to be decorated with multi-colored drawings in which the child will find different shades of the same color. It is important that the basic colors appear in it - Baby will learn their names faster.

In the case of my daughter, the booklets were the real sensation, on the cards of which domesticated animals and vehicles appeared. Their author made sure that under each picture there is a short, rhymed description along with the characteristic sounds that the child can easily repeat (e.g. sounds made by animals).
From an early age, it is worth awakening our love of literature in our branch and developing good habits of communing with culture. Books improve the process of remembering and associating, enrich the vocabulary and knowledge of the reality surrounding the baby.

Home shredder

If you have noticed in your child the joy that is caused by the destruction of surrounding objects, you will definitely appreciate this fun. The extra energy of my child effectively unloads the tearing of newspapers. And although I try to make the press that destroy tiny fingers belong to the category of "read" I can not always save even the current television program. The more colorful the page has the newspaper, the more happiness is painted on my daughter's face when she makes a creative act of destruction. One more factor causes that the action I described raises the level of happiness hormones (not necessarily with me) - it is a forbidden fruit. If my child notices that I am particularly interested in a given press, he will arrange the stalks until he gets them in his hands.

If you both want to destroy something and have no remorse because of it (and take my word for it - such fun can be extremely relaxing and get rid of negative emotions), prepare the newspapers in advance, which you will be able to tear. I do not recommend using colored press for such purposes, immortalized on good quality slippery paper. It's best to use a daily newspaper for this.
You can conjure up a paper flower or fountain from torn cuttings - just connect a few stripes and roll up at the base. Small remains can perfectly imitate snow or rain falling from the ceiling. As a last resort, you can simply crush them and create balls from them.
It all depends on your fantasy. Watch the child, give him interesting ideas, but also be open to his suggestions.


Once you let your branch unload emotions in the press, your room certainly resembles a battlefield, at best a workshop of a writer dissatisfied with his work. The perfect time has come to start learning cleaning. The young man will soon realize that you can not carelessly leave after a great mess.

Let's play the garbage truck. We need containers that will serve us as baskets. Let's explain to the little one that right now we will begin to collect left paper balls and cuttings into these containers. We can treat it as a race - who will fill their basket faster? Remember to cheer on your child all the time and reward you with praise when it completes the task.
The remains of previous play should also be placed in the corners and have fun with the child in the search for paper treasures. This will be especially true if the little siblings are involved in Maluszek.
We can also organize competitions in throwing balls into trash containers. Let's make sure that the distance is adjusted to the child's abilities. Let him also come close to his goal and enjoy it when he reaches him.

Don't parrot

Do you remember counting repeated many times in your childhood, supported by clapping in the style of "Kosi, mow paws", "Mrs. Zo, Mrs. Sia"? I would like to offer you something similar. In this case, the Internet turns out to be a real mine of ideas. On various pages I found interesting games that I would like to share with you.
It's worth writing down a few nursery rhymes, or just printing and supporting, if you need it.
To start with, I suggest having fun, during which the Baby fixes the names of individual body parts.
Sit comfortably in front of you, preferably on the carpet. Use your index finger to touch the places mentioned in the poem. Do not forget to add special effects in the form of sounds appearing in the insect story.

Summer wasp near the nose
Fly flies near the ear
Summer bittern near hands
Dragonflies fly near the feed
A bee flies near the forehead
A fly flies near the belly
Bow ties fly near the feet
Ants run near the head
The caterpillar crawls around the cheek.

Repeat the described issues several times. Now switch roles. Ask your child to show where mommy or daddy (or the person who is currently playing with the baby) has a nose, ear, hands, etc.

It's time for fun that requires a bit of movement from both sides. First, let's show the child what it is and wait patiently for him to imitate us.

We take flies in toes (we catch the air, we repeat the action at least 3 times)
We make flies with flies (we applaud intensively as many times as we had previously caught the air)
We put flies on sheets (we hit the floor with our fingers)
And we have armpit delight (palms are placed under the arms like wings and are cheerfully waving).

Do you remember how nicely the pictures were drawn on the back of your friend and waited for our "canvas" to guess what they depict? I suggest something similar. Ask your baby to sit back to you. Communicate that you will touch his back soon. Do it gently, but so that the child feels the difference in each touch.

A river flows on the backs (use your fist to make a subtle string from neck to waist)
And you passed on high heels (increase the pace and put your heels on with your fingertips)
Then came the elephants (here with our whole hand let us nail to our backs like a stamp)
And the horses were cunning (fists imitate hooves all over the back)
Then the pincers flashed (gently pinch the baby in several places)
Two suns came on (let your hands circle, increasing the intensity of touch)
Suddenly the rain fell (on the lower spine, tap with your fingertips)
Do you already feel the thrill? (run our fingers all over the back then quickly, but
let's gently pinch the baby's neck).

Such fun through touch teaches, develops the ability to make contacts, supports motor development and trains the imagination, and at the same time perfectly relaxes.

We are not afraid of boredom

The time spent with the child does not have to pass under the sign of monotony. It's worth looking for inspiration in books, newspapers and the Internet. Let every moment you share with your little one be unique and worth remembering.