In Italy, children will no longer build sand castles. This prohibition enraged parents!

Around Venice, in the the commune of Cavallino, one of the most visited beaches on the Adriatic (more than 6 million tourists a year), children will no longer be able to build sand castles. Italian media (e.g. La Stampa) inform about the ban, which strongly irritated parents and grandparents.

The regulation prohibits the placement of chairs, umbrellas, as well as buckets and molds on the 5-meter shoreline. "Any activities that impede the transit of people" are prohibited. The official reason is to be safety reasons - ensuring good access to water for rescuers.

But what do tourists visiting Italy say?

Opinions are divided.

As you can hardly guess, the worst opinion about the ban is for families with young children. Their ban simply enraged! There were protests to change the law. We were all children! And the tradition of building sand castles is so strong that many cannot imagine staying at the seaside without it. Because how to be on a beautiful beach and not dig in the sand? What about babas, tunnels, moats?

Although, according to the originators of the changes, the rules should be applied with common sense, opponents of the ban on building sand castles argue that the ban itself already contradicts him. Was he a sign of our time? Another way to show young children what some people think about them? Is the beach the next area free of children?

What do you think?