To the restaurant only without children. Poznan restaurant with a ban

There has been a social debate for many years where it is worth taking children. Hotels are created only for adults, on the doors of many cafes there is information that children are not allowed in them. Some say it's a necessity, others say it's a fad. The first group includes the owners of the Parma and Rukola caffe & ristorante Poznań restaurants, who on Saturday, August 24 posted an entry on Facebook explaining why they do not want to see more families with small children. What are their arguments?

This entry reads as follows:

"There is a recent debate about:
👉🏻 "to a restaurant, with or without children?"
Well, we talked about it for a long time, the opinions are divided, we have children ourselves, we have friends who come to us with families. We also have a lot of regular guests and friends who spend their free anticipated time in Parma, relaxing, charging batteries for hard days at work. We are already skipping the fact of entering wheelchairs, which simply do not have space, but how can you come to a public place and destroy someone's property?
Kids. Yes, children are only children, but they do not come here arbitrarily, they come thanks to their parents or guardians who are responsible for them.
Ladies and gentlemen,
post without emotion, very well thought out. We invite children to our place, but at the age of +6.
You can take offense at us, you can hate us, it's hard. We do not allow such behavior - yes, not all children are the same, but we will not make selections. Best Regards ,
Parma and Rucola "

Photos are also attached to the post. Selected below, all of them can be seen here.

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Opinions expressed by Internet users are, however, divided. First of all, attention is drawn to the fact that the problem is not children, but some parents who allow this type of behavior to their children.

Basia raised an important issue: "And I will ask where is the children's chair? Easy to wash and without a cover? This policy scares me off. Punishing the public for the excess of the individual. Because what - you had to make some effort and clean up? I wonder what tip the parents left ... ".

Małgorzata answered her immediately: "I shoot that you will find a children's chair in places dedicated to families with children, and there are plenty of such. I am scared off by a policy in which parents believe that every place has a duty to provide such facilities for children. By the way, why in this case "you have to make some effort and clean up", and at the other end of the mother's scarf are complaining that they have so much cleaning at home with children? ".

And immediately the question - in your opinion, a gastronomic establishment is obliged to buy a high chair, what do you think? Would it not be enough to invest several dozen zlotys to solve the above problem? Or maybe parents should go with small children only to places directly dedicated to children?

Among the comments are also statements that parents should be ashamed, because their duty was to clean up after the children. Someone else said that the post is only for catching coverage on the network and nothing else.

And what do you think about it? Are the owners of the food establishment right?