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"Doula" Bridget Boland

Very emotional, a bit mythical, sometimes unreal. This is the book by Doula by Bridget Boland. It is a pity that the story presented is a literary vision and that what we read about was largely created in the author's imagination. However, this does not change the fact that the book is read very well, and the description of the events is very absorbing ...

Birth and death

Carolyn chose the profession of doula, not because she thought about him herself, but because this vision was shown to her by loved ones. She accepted him relatively quickly, because as a daughter of funeral workers she is fed up with the sadness that accompanies death. She chooses emotions that in her imagination should connect with her birthday. Only with time does it begin to understand that birth is a time full of surprises. Not everything can be planned and delivery does not always look like we wanted.

As a doula, he discovers different ways of perceiving the physiology of labor. He observes home deliveries, accompanying women who listen to their body and want to give birth without anesthesia during the "rite of passage". On the other hand, it meets the need for security, which for some couples is giving birth in a hospital near medical staff. Often, he fights internal battles, tries to understand people who do not allow the voice of instincts and subordinate themselves to what they hear around.

The story does not focus on the descriptions of the births themselves. On the pages of over 500 pages, we will read about more than one woman's life tragedy in the family, we will witness her romance, we will read about friendship that is put to the test and about difficult relationships with her mother. We will find that the role of parents is difficult, and the very understanding of your own family is beyond possibilities.

"Doula" is a novel not about births in the strict sense, but about growing up and the need to answer the question: who am I and what do I expect from life.

What was your delivery like?

Imaginations are often far from reality. It also happens that before we experience something, we have little idea about it. Only experience teaches us humbleness and makes us realize how we would really like to proceed, if everything depended on us
"Doula" gives hope that a little consistency and realizing your own needs are enough to have a greater impact on reality.

This is not a novel that focuses only on deliveries, it is a story about the fate of a lost man who often has a problem with what he really wants. Fighting the demons of the past, he fights a personal battle for himself. During this time, he deals with his own imaginations, burying the need to take responsibility for other adults, being born again and discovering the joy of life.