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The 6 most interesting applications for mothers

We have many responsibilities. They must be at the same time a babysitter, cook, cleaner, and also take on a number of other professions - dietitians, nurses, doctors and so on. Interesting smartphone applications can be mother support. We present six of the most interesting ones.

1. My Child

The application "My Child" was prepared by Polish pediatricians and has become a great guide for both mothers and fathers of children aged 0 to 2 years. It contains valuable information about the child's health and development stages. It has a "Diary" tab, in which you can save important dates of subsequent vaccinations and keep notes on the weight and height of the child.

The application is intended to support parents in comprehensive childcare. Contains advice from the International Lactation Consultant drug as well as educational videos on breastfeeding. It is divided into modules: 'Development', 'Diet', 'Care' and functional 'percentile grids'. The application works on smartphones equipped with Android and iOS.

2. Applications replacing the electronic nanny

In this category of applications for mothers we have a wide selection. These include the Baby Monitor & Alarm application. After installing it on your phone, it becomes an electronic nanny. Just put the smartphone with the application turned on in the child's bedroom, and when the baby wakes up, the phone will call the phone number provided by his mother. The disadvantage of the Baby Monitor & Alarm application is that you must have a second phone to which the alarm will be sent when the child wakes up.

An additional option in the Baby Monitor & Alarm application is playing lullabies or so-called white noise or the recorded voice of the parents in response to the baby's crying.

3. LactMed

Application addressed to breastfeeding mothers. It lets you check if the medicine you are about to take is intended for nursing mothers and will be safe for the baby. The application offers comprehensive information on medications, their actions and possible side effects and the safety of their use in the context of breastfeeding.

4. OneNote

We have thousands of responsibilities that they have to cope with. It will be easier for them on a daily basis not to forget about shopping, cleaning, washing or ironing if they do for themselves a "list of things to do, remember, etc.". One Note or Evernote applications allow you to create various lists, preview them and complete them literally at any time. They are a practical solution.

Under OneNote, you'll be able to keep important information about your family's life in one place. All lists can be arranged in legible tabs, e.g. "what should you buy?", "What should you do?", "Important information", "children's data" etc.

5. Sound Sleeper

For many mothers, the horror of their babies is to put them to sleep - both during the day and in the evening or at night. Many babies fall asleep only with so-called white noise. We do not have to make such sounds endlessly alone. Just reach for the Sound Sleeper app (it's free) to get a selection of rustling sounds similar to the natural sounds that a child developing in the womb has become accustomed to. In the same application, you can record your favorite lullabies or songs, and even monitor in statistics how long and how many times during the day your child had a nap.

6. The Wonder Weeks

How to understand a child and recognize what stage of development he is at? Why does our child behave this way and not otherwise? A child's mood can change quickly. There is also talk of so-called development jumps. The Wonder Weeks application can help mothers understand the child and his stages of development. In the application we will find descriptions of how the toddler develops and what is being measured at a given moment in his life.

Phone applications can support every mother and make her life easier. These are advisers and assistants who are available to mothers 24 hours a day. For applications that require a network connection, it's a good idea to have UPC high speed internet so you don't have problems with the smoothness of these programs.