Changing pads in the park - to make life easier for parents with small children

We have already got used to the fact that there is a changing table in public toilets. Admittedly, there is still controversy about the fact that the place for changing a child should be available only in the women's toilet. Men complain that when there is no separate room created just for this purpose, they have a problem to go to the women's toilet, where there is usually a changing table. Fortunately, there is no such dilemma ... in the park. Increasingly, there are separate benches with a place to change children, available to everyone. In addition, in addition to convenient scrolling, they are intended to facilitate feeding the baby outdoors.

Gazebo benches with a changing table are an increasingly common sight. In addition to the changing space, they also offer a comfortable space for feeding your baby. They are constructed to best serve young parents. They also have a garbage can, which allows you to throw away the diaper immediately after scrolling. All this to make taking care of a tiny child in the park even easier.

Feeding and changing gazebo Kazimierz Wielki Park in Bydgoszcz

Do you think that such dedicated outdoor spaces are needed for parents? Are they working?