Who cares about closing the windows of life?

Who cares about closing the windows of life?

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The history of the Windows of Life dates back to the last years of the 12th century. Pope Innocent III is considered to be their originator. Although in Poland there are almost 50 institutions that are ready to accept an abandoned child, while guaranteeing their parents full anonymity, most likely such places will cease to operate. The UN is trying to close the Windows of Life.

Fight on arguments

One of the main reasons that influenced the United Nations decision is the belief that the child's right to know his / her identity is more important than the chance of survival given by the Window of Life. An abandoned newborn baby will, from a practical point of view, go to an adoptive family faster than a child in the emergency room waiting for his parents to be deprived of the right to raise him. In addition, the process of giving new personal data makes it difficult for a young person to reach their biological ancestors in the future.

Another argument is that Windows of Life are unable to provide the child with proper medical care. When a newborn baby is placed in one of these places, his presence triggers an alarm that notifies the employees of the institution about the situation. Before the child goes to the incubator, waiting for the ambulance to arrive and transport to the hospital, he stays in a place where conditions prevail that allow free air circulation, it is warm and safe.

Minor Evil

Poverty, postpartum shock, rape, marital violence, or emotional immaturity contribute to the fact that women give up being a mother. Those for whom abortion was an unacceptable option, and the only solution turned out to be putting the child into adoption, they can do it in the hospital, waiving all rights to the baby. However, under the influence of many factors, which include shame, fear of judgment on the part of hospital staff and other patients, fears related to bearing the consequences of decisions, make Windows of Life an alternative, ensuring their anonymity and apparent psychological comfort.

There is a fundamental difference between a mother who abandons her child in a staircase, a dumpster, in a forest, or a place that is not very frequented, and a woman who, leaving a newborn baby in the Window of Life, gives him a chance to grow up someday. Even if she knew the truth about her childhood and the circumstances surrounding her birth, she would have been aware that his mother's deed was evidence of love and concern for a better fate, for a future she could not afford.
We will soon see what decision the European Parliament will make in this matter.