Parental hits

Mini Mini songs, or Fish hits

Our adventure with Mini Mini began on songs and actually focused so far only on them. Therefore, this post will be devoted only to the cheerful melodies of the yellow fish, completely ignoring all the fairy tales displayed on the channel for children. There is something to write about, because we decided to buy two discs, which present songs in two versions: in the form of CD and DVD.

There are hits

Daughter stubbornly maniac, punishes me to repeat the same songs. "Boogie Woogie" became the first hit. The song during which the choreographic system is performed: easy to master for less than two years old, repeated after children dancing in the scenery of the changing seasons. It allows you to learn which leg is right and which is left (similarly with your arms), turning around on its axis and bounce around.

The second were ducks, or "Kaczuszki", a song known from the version often played at weddings and banquet meetings. In the Mini Mini version, while singing ducks, there are nice babies dressed in yellow and red cups. The daughter remembered the simple movements very quickly and when turning on only the sounds (without the image) she repeats the entire choreography clearly clearly at the same time. And most importantly, when he can see that other children are dancing to the songs, he has the impression that he is participating in something important.

The songs are so dynamic and cheerful that they punish themselves to move, and many of them are based on remembering simple systems, which allows you to train your memory and improve children's coordination. When parents do not resist persuasion - they allow the whole family to play together.

There are tongue twisters

Already the first song on CD number 1 is the song "Mini Fish Mini - Talk to me Fish", which is based in the chorus on the repetition of a nice "gulugulu", sounds that are not only funny, but allow you to practice the speech apparatus. A similar procedure is already used in the classic children's song: "Black berries".

Important content

There is a song about chocolate and sweets, but the content may not quite be accompanied by verses devoted to "vegetables, fruits" and healthy eating. It is also about the need to believe in yourself, that winning is not the most important thing, but only fun. There is also something for parents: a song warning against the effects of constant hurry and life with a watch in hand. There is also the classic "Zuzia small doll", as well as "Dorotka" and "SamochwaƂa". "Brush your teeth."


Unfortunately, the price is not the lowest, because for 4 discs ((two DVDs and two CDs) we will spend about 60 zlotys - Allegro, in stationary stores about 45 zlotys for one disc, but about 15 songs on each of them is worth considering the decision about buying, especially if we can get the opportunity.