The best pencil pencils. Ranking of crayons

Do you know it You buy crayons and ... you get annoyed, because after the first break, trying to sharpen them is a great challenge. Even electric sharpeners don't come in handy, because the pencils keep breaking when they break, even when sharpening. Is there a way to do this? Yes. Buy decent pencils. Here are the best pencil pencils. Our ranking prepared after testing dozens of crayons.

The best crayons for a child

Buying good crayons is not easy. Crayons crayons uneven. The cheapest proposals usually break quickly, are hard, made of low-quality wood that breaks strangely during tempering attempts.

Very often in so-called pencil cases with equipment, pencils are only suitable for ... throwing them in the trash. Attempts to draw with them can disappoint many a child, as a result discourage and even seriously anger, and this is not what we mean when we give a coloring book to a child. For this reason alone, it's worth choosing good crayons for your child. An investment in proven pencil pencils simply pays off.

Bambino crayons

Who doesn't know Bambino crayons? It is a solid brand with an established position on the market, offering very good value for money. The offer includes both thin and thick crayons dedicated to younger children.

First of all, Bambino crayons are very "flexible", they do not crumble, do not break, and are easy to temper. They are available in many colors, in smaller and larger packages. Bambino is a Polish brand with over 125 years of tradition.

price around PLN 15 for 10 colors

Two-colored Astra pencils

Popular double-sided, triangular crayons, 12 or 24 pieces in the set.

Crayons have intense colors, you do not need to press hard to get beautiful colors. They do not break during coloring, they are soft and run well, even when used by the youngest children, and the attached sharpener is a hit. Very efficient! They have interesting colors, not available in many other sets - beige, heather,

Because the crayons are double-sided, the child can have more colors in the pencil case in the same space. Another great proposition from a Polish producer!

Price around PLN 12 for 12 crayons - 24 colors.

Herlitz Trilino crayons

Herlitz crayons that my children draw have already got good ... 18 years. Although some are already very short, they still fulfill their function, and the children refuse to throw them away because of them high elasticity, softness and beautiful colors.

We bought another set very quickly, this time "more modern" - Herlitz Trilino pencils, which are very comfortable, do not break, and, like their predecessors, are extremely efficient.

Price around PLN 30 for 12 colors.

And you, what crayons do you recommend?