Parental hits

Feeding bib / Apron

As long as we are breastfeeding, the only accessories we use are the diaper diaper. It is only when we introduce solid foods to our children or teach them how to eat independently that they come with bowls, cutlery, feeding seats, or bibs. The latter are probably the most necessary thing when feeding a child.

There are dozens of bibs on the market. Different sizes, materials from which they were made, various techniques of tying, fastening, hanging. They are plastic with a gutter, or similar with oilcloth, they are cotton or terry just under the neck. And there are bibs in the form of aprons. I would like to write more about the latter.

I met with aprons full of oilcloth (like Ikea), with ones whose top is a terry layer, and the bottom is made of oilcloth, this also applies to sleeves. There are also aprons, the top of which is a terry layer, and the bottom is a daisy, but without sleeves. And these are the ones I would definitely RECOMMEND as an unquestioned HIT.

Advantages of a feeding apron

  • The size of the apron ensures safety against unwanted staining of the entire clothing.
  • The oilcloth underside only in part of the tummy excludes the possibility of infusing the skin of the child's hands on summer days, when she is usually wearing short sleeves and contact with the oilcloth could discourage the child from eating.
  • The bottom of the apron can be "rolled up", creating a gutter for food that our child dropped.
  • Quite strong cuffs at the wrist protect the sleeves of the blouse from slipping and getting dirty.
  • The Velcro on the back of the neck is strong enough not to unbutton and easy to unfasten by a child after a meal.
  • Design is extremely rich, which will meet the requirements of the child and mother.
  • Apron can be washed in the washing machine (up to 60 degrees), spin and use powders and liquids.
  • Apron, even very dirty and with many debris can be easily removed without risk of spilling everything.
  • Affordable price, from 8-10 PLN.

Disadvantages of apron

  • Terry cloth gets dirty quite quickly (depending on the skills of our child), which does not look aesthetically pleasing after a few dinners
  • After prolonged use, stains remain that the powders no longer cope with (we have been using the apron for a year and do not deter).

I used classic bibs, tied, with Velcro or snap. None met my expectations. Both the bib and the baby were dirty. It was only after putting on the apron that I could sit down calmly, because despite the madness that Łucja did while eating alone, she remained clean herself. The apron has survived a lot and despite several spots, it still looks great and more importantly it will serve for a long time.