Pregnancy / Childbirth

Yellow discharge during pregnancy - are they dangerous?

In pregnancy, as a result of hormonal changes, many women increase the amount of intimate secretions. Is this a normal symptom or maybe a problem? What exactly do yellow discharge in pregnancy mean?

Yellow discharge during pregnancy - what to do?

Primarily tell your gynecologist about the problem. And not only when the discharge is accompanied itching, burning, bad smell (in such a situation an urgent visit to a specialist is necessary!), but also when the yellow discharge in pregnancy does not give any other symptoms.

Most likely, to dispel any doubts, the doctor will do vaginal culture. Taking a swab from the vagina will allow you to examine it under a microscope. It will show if there are too many bacteria in the genital tract or if there is an intimate infection. Interview and gynecological examination will also help in assessing the situation.

Yellow discharge during pregnancy and taking lutein

The cause of yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be vaginal intake of lutein. In such a situation, this is the most natural and worrying symptom. Most doctors report side effects to their patients.

Yellow discharge during pregnancy and trichomoniasis

If the yellow discharge in pregnancy is accompanied by other symptoms, and these may be:

  • itching, itching in the vagina area
  • redness and swelling of intimate places,
  • burning of the vagina
  • burning while urinating
  • frequency,

then the reason for these changes may be infection with vaginal trichomoniasis. Unfortunately, trichomoniasis can also occur frequently symptomless. Only then does the partner's symptoms show that she is also sick.

Trichomoniasis requires treatment, which avoids complications - premature delivery or the birth of a child with low birth weight.

Or maybe the problem is erosion?

Erosion is nothing else than a defect in the cervical epithelium. This is a common condition that occurs in sexually active women (though not only). It also often occurs during pregnancy. May not give any symptoms. Sometimes it accompanies her though pain during intercourse and lower back, and yellow discharge. Spotting is also common.

Yellow discharge during pregnancy = mucus plug?

When a large amount of yellow, thick mucus appears at the end of pregnancy, it may simply indicate the departure of the mucous plug. The mucous plug usually resembles a ball, it can be stained with blood.

In any situation of observing yellow discharge in pregnancy, it is worth telling the doctor. There can be so many reasons that only a specialist has the knowledge and possibilities to diagnose a problem.