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"Green fairy tales"

Zielone bajki is a publishing series from BioBooks, which presents issues related to ecology and natural sciences in an interesting way. We had the opportunity to become acquainted with two titles: "Bajka o Drzew" and "Bajka o Słońce". And we will tell you something ... We are enchanted.These cartoons are one of a kind. They have a unique atmosphere. They carry valuable information along with interesting content and a nice and difficult note of humor. How was this achieved? That is the problem: it is very difficult to describe. If we read the recommendation we present to you, we would probably pass it by indifferently or quickly forget about it due to the lack of specificity. That is why it is worth to find out for yourself.

Both "Bajka o Słońce" and "Bajka o Słońce" are a proposal for children from the age of three. Written and illustrated at a high level, in an original way by Eliza Piotrowska - author of several dozen books, winner of many literary awards.

Both proposals are carefully issued, they do not have illustrations from popular graphic programs, but in an interestingly planned layout that permeates the "handwritten" letters and entire sentences. The books explain the tree's growth cycle and the changes that occur every day and year and which are related to the activity of the Sun.

After reading, you can smile and the same smile, while curiosity notice on the toddler's face. Reading on the one hand answers many questions interesting to the world of preschoolers, but on the other it opens the way to new conversations. Full of pleasure for both adults and children.

We'll get "Tree's Tale" for PLN 20, and "Sun's Bajka" for PLN 22.