Infant constipation - a problem that can be easily solved

As new parents, we face many difficulties related to the care, upbringing and care of a baby. However, we care most about health, and as soon as the child shows any disturbing symptoms, we try to help him. When it comes to babysitting, we usually see if the child is hungry, warm and has a bowel movement. And with the latter there may be a problem. Because what if the poop has not appeared for several days, the child is cranky and clearly flexes the tummy? Maybe the problem is constipation in babies?

How to recognize if it is already constipation in infants?

Lack of daily bowel movements does not mean constipation and you should not panic right away. Babies defecate differently and regardless of whether they are fed modified milk or mother's food, they do not have to give stools every day, its absence even for a few days should not bother parents. However, if a child tries to defecate and causes visible pain, cries, tenses, refuses to eat, it can mean that he is suffering from constipation. In addition, we can observe a hard, painful belly, there is a dry, hard, compact poop in the form of balls.

We usually recognize constipation in infants by a compact, hard pile, regardless of how often the child has a bowel movement.


Children under 6 months of age may have dyscheia, which is very often confused with constipation. Dyschezja is a visible effort, redness of the face and crying of the child with a bowel movement followed by a soft stool. If you see such symptoms in your child, do not worry about it, it is a natural process that disappears by itself.

Causes of constipation in infants

Defecation is rather an individual matter, therefore there are babies who defecate several times a day and others twice a week, so it is difficult to determine what the norm should be.

One child fed the same food will not always have the same bowel movement as the other, so it's best to watch the baby and check for additional alarming symptoms. Often, the reason for constipation is taking too much cow's milk, although there are babies who react to the same factor in the opposite way - diarrhea.

However, the most common reason for constipation is consuming too little fluid and improper diet of the baby or mother, when breastfeeding, but also breastfeeding too short, change of breast milk to modified, too early expansion of the diet. Constipation can also be a symptom of allergies and intestinal microflora disorders, they also often appear when taking certain medications.

How can you help a baby who is suffering from constipation?

If the child suffers from constipation and is fed with mother's food, she should take care of her diet. You should eliminate foods from the diet that can cause constipation: chocolate, cocoa, white bread, rice, carrots, bananas for fiber-rich foods: dark bread, raw vegetables and fruits, fruit juices, cereals. A mother who is breastfeeding should also take care large amounts of fluid, which should have a positive effect on the child's defecation.