Pregnancy / Childbirth

What pregnancy test should you choose?

Are you planning for a few weeks or maybe months to become a mom? Is the period late for several days? Or maybe you feel somehow strange? You don't know if the symptoms that accompany you are pregnancy symptoms? All these dilemmas will be dispelled by a suitable pregnancy test.

What pregnancy test should you choose?

Plate test

It looks like a small plastic plate with two windows inside. Usually a small dropper is included in the set, which is used to collect urine.

It is with this dropper that urine is collected (preferably the first morning), then applied to the first window (3 - 5 drops are enough). After about 5 minutes you can read the result on the second window.

The test plate is easily available, you can buy it at any pharmacy, but also in some drugstores or supermarkets, prices start from 5 zlotys.

Test strip

The strip test is a bit like litmus paper for testing e.g. water hardness. All you have to do is draw some urine into the container, and then immerse the test strip in it for about 5 minutes, if it stains properly, the result is positive. Tests are available in a pharmacy and online stores, the price of one strip starts from PLN 1.

Stream test

Its construction resembles a felt-tip pen, the thinner tip of which is put under the stream of urine for about 10 seconds. Then we put the test on a flat surface, covering with the attached plug and after 5 minutes we read the result that appears in the window. We will buy the test in pharmacies and online stores, price around PLN 15.

Digital test

The test works like a stream test, but it is slightly modernized. It includes a digital indicator showing when the test can be started and what the result is. Tests are available in pharmacies and online stores, price around PLN 50.

When buying a pregnancy test, you should pay attention to its sensitivity, the lower the faster the test can be done.
From 500 IU / I, the test will show whether we are pregnant after 10 days of conception (i.e. usually before the day of the planned menstruation), from 500 - 800 IU / I after 14 days (usually on the day of the expected menstruation), and more than 800 IU / I 21 days after fertilization.

If we are not convinced by pregnancy tests and want to be 100% sure, laboratory tests can be performed. Blood test is the most reliable. It can be done as early as the 7th day after fertilization, which aims to check the presence and concentration of the beta-hCG hormone.

Nurse takes blood for examination and often you can know the result the same day. The study determines whether we are pregnant and in what week.

The blood test is performed in some outpatient clinics, its price is around 25 zlotys. You can also give your morning urine for testing, and after performing the appropriate tests, they will check whether we are pregnant.

To check if fertilization has occurred, you can also go to a visit to the gynecologist. The doctor after a thorough examination and check of the symptoms and often performing an ultrasound, will determine whether we are pregnant.