The sixth (6) month of a child's life - the baby is half a year old and is astonished. What can he already do?

The sixth (6) month of a child's life - the baby is half a year old and is astonished. What can he already do?

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The baby you read and sang a lot before, will probably tell you in the sixth month first yet unconscious "ma-ma" and he will repeat these two syllables without hesitation. The more often, the more enthusiasm will flow from the environment. Maybe now he will start sitting alone too! The sixth month is a time when a child, very interesting in nature, reaches for everything that interests him. He wants to participate in family life and protests when he is alone.

Appearance - the sixth month of a child's life

Do you still remember how fragile and tiny your baby was after giving birth? In the sixth month a toddler doubles your birth weight! Among other things, because of this, milk ceases to be enough for him. It is necessary to include solid foods in the diet: the first fruit purees and dinners.

The sixth month of a child's life

In the sixth month, there is no trace of uncoordinated, nervous movements. The infant was kept under the fodders and placed on feet begins to spring in the same way that she will train in a few months, learning to walk.

Six-month-old baby may have lush hair, but it can also be almost bald. This and this is the norm.

Statistically, it usually carves out in the sixth month first tooth - lower one.

Do you know effective methods for teething? In one article we have collected the top 10 that will facilitate this difficult time.

Motor skills - an infant 6 months old baby

Many babies in the sixth month win the ability to sit independently without support (however, most cannot yet find it by going to it from a prone position). Those who gain this stage of development use their hands to support and maintain balance.

Unfortunately, toddlers often trying to reach an object that is far away, lose their balance and turn over to the side, which in the case of particularly sensitive children diminishes their faith in themselves and slows down further development. Therefore, if you can, leave interesting and safe toys for your child within reach.

Children gain a lot of skill in moving by rolling from their backs to the stomach. In this way they can get from one point of the room to another. In the sixth month can be observed first crawling attemptswhen the infant tries to pull its legs under the belly and tries to crawl in an interesting direction. Keeping the weight of the torso on outstretched hands does not cause the child any major problems.

This dynamic increase in motor skills also forces you to be more cautious and requires more attention.

Never leave your child alone on the bed! There is a high probability that the toddler will fall off him!

What can surprise you in the sixth month of a child's life?

    • Many parents wonder when the time is right to set limits. There is no doubt that it is worth doing this from the first moments when a child gains greater agility in moving. Of course, even if you forbid something to an infant, you must be aware that it will most likely not remember it and will continue to return to what is forbidden. Still, your efforts this month will be rewarded in the following weeks of your child's life.
    • The child is actively learning causality. He presses the toy to make a sound, hits two blocks, and when it makes noise, it seems very happy about it. He deliberately translates each toy from hand to hand and examines it with his mouth.