Parental hits

"We learn the world through our senses": children's books

Hachette Livre publisher offers a series of educational books BAWIDOC. The books explain "What is the difference between ice cream and spinach?" In a funny, interesting and original way. "Why do I need my nose?" Or "Why do I feel pain when I hit?" Each book is full of secret folds, envelopes, lockers, drawers, knobs, notebooks, pouches, double pages, rotary dials and windows. And although each relates to a specific, "scientific topic" is presented in a lively and clear language for the child, as well as in an interesting artistic way. The content is full of incentives to solve puzzles, invitations to play together, it is full of digressions and anecdotes enriching the content of the book. Probably because for almost 40 years the series has been making a sensation throughout Europe ... In the Polish series it appeared 6 books: "Body", "Circus", "Under the pirate flag", "Day and night", "Thanks to our senses we get to know the world" and "Seasons". For you, I tested the book "Thanks to senses we get to know the world".

This book is a revelation. The hard cover makes the book durable. Inside, every sense is described. Our child, but also we, will find out, e.g. why we have two eyes, how to mislead our eyes in a simple way and why this happens, the child will learn about touch reflexes, what species of animals they like to eat in, how the ear works or what is the sound. There is even a part dedicated to various types of communication, i.e. deaf or blind people.

It is not a long book, we do not have many pages here. However, what is offered to us is an offer for many hours of playing with the child. And we will be able to learn something new, be stimulated to act and discover the secrets of our senses with the child.

Its another advantage is the price. Such a book is a basket of about PLN 15. However, you have to study enough to find it, because many of them are difficult to access. If we speak French fluently, this series opens for us the gate of sounds, scientific secrets and other, because it is the French-language publishing house that has the widest offer of Bawidoc. If not, after briefly browsing the internet, we should find books with the option of shipping home.