Outrageous behavior of childminders in the nursery

There is still a talk about the high-profile case of child abuse in a private nursery in Wroclaw, when another day came to light ... Equally embarrassing and frightening. In Starogard Gdański, the police were notified of the scandalous behavior of childminders in the nursery who were supposed to scream and insult the children: in a very aggressive and crude way. Compromising materials were recorded by parents who placed the voice recorder in a plush toy of one of the children attending the nursery.

The mother of the two-year-old decided to take such a step when she saw that her child falls into hysteria every morning, when she is about to go to the nursery. In this way, 8-hour material was obtained, which was the basis for initiating the investigation.

The police will now question parents and babysitters. Radio Zet informed about the case.

How do you think this can be countered? Parents became vigilant. Hence this voice recorder ... But what else can be done to make crèches a really friendly place for children?