Promotions for children's products

Promotions for children's products

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Shopping can save. Our table below proves it. Check what you can buy cheaper at children's stores this time.


  • Wet baby wipes Pampers 3 + 1 free for 19.99 in Carrefour supermarkets
  • Carrefour offers Pampers diapers, different types for 54, 99. Super-Pharm offers Pampers Economy diapers in all sizes at a price of 46.99 instead of 53.99. Market Tesco offers Pampers giga diapers plus 112 pcs at 63.49 instead of 85.99
  • Kaufland offers Cleanic Kindii baby wipes packaging for 3.99 instead of 6.45
  • At Super-Pharma products for Nivea children's body care 30% cheaper the whole series.
  • Wet wipes for children Huggies packaging for 5.49 previously 6.49 in Super-Pharma
  • Wet wipes Huggies 2 + 1 in Tesco stores for 13.99 instead of 15.98.


  • Auchan offers BoboVita rice porridges for children, 190 g for 5.09 + second product for 2.55. Carrefour baby porridge BoboVita, 190g for 5.49 + second product for 2.75 PLN. PoloMarket offers BoboVita Porridges in various types 230g, where for 3 pieces you get for 2 pieces for PLN 14.98.
  • Rossmann offers Nestle milk-rice porridge, 230g for the price of 6.49 instead of 7.59
  • Bebiko Junior baby milk, various types 350g for 12.45 in Carrefour supermarkets.
  • Hipp BIO Combiotik, modified milk for children 800g for the price of 36.99 instead of 42.99 in the Super-Pharma chain
  • Also Carrefour offers Gerber children's dessert, 190g for 4.19 PLN.
  • Market Carrefour proposes BoboVita children's dish 4 pcs. at the price of 3 pcs, for 13.77
  • Gerber soups for children in Carrefour 190g 4 pcs. at the price of 3, for 14.67
  • Gerber 130g fruit desserts for children at Super-Pharma for 2.69 instead of 3.49
  • Babydream fruit dessert 190g, at a price of 3.59 at Rossmann drugstores, while you can buy Isana Men deo for 50% of the price

Toys and clothing

  • At Auchan, they offer a 2-piece girls' suit, sizes 92-104cm for PLN 49.99
  • Children's books in Carrefour supermarkets of different types for 12.99 + free crayons
  • Toy cheerful remote control for a TV from Fisher-Price in Carrefour supermarkets for 46.99
  • Also Carrefour from Fisher-Price offers a talkative brush of pranks at 59.99

Promotion time:
Auchan: 24-30.10.2012
Carrefour: 24-29.10.2012
Kaufland: October 25-30, 2012
PoloMarket: 24-30.10.2012
Super-Pharma: October 18-31, 2012
Tesco: 25-31.10.2012
Rossmann: m26.10-15.11.2012