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How to stop breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a huge experience for both mother and baby. It allows not only to satisfy the baby's hunger, but also strengthens the bond with the mother.

Unfortunately, at some point comes the time when you have to give up feeding. It does not matter in this case whether the mother feeds half a year or two, always this process is associated with great emotions and the need for patience on both sides. How to prepare for weaning your toddler? When is the best moment? And how to wean the child from breasts so that it does not survive the real trauma?

The right time to wean the baby. How to stop breastfeeding?

The question of how to stop breastfeeding is an open question - when to do it.

experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months, then it's time for gradual introduction of solid meals. During this time, the infant gives up more frequent mother's food in favor of solid foods. However, this does not mean that the six-month-old child must be weaned immediately.

It is difficult to clearly define when to stop bringing the baby to his breast. It all depends on individual factors, e.g. mother returns to work and has to put aside her child as soon as possible, is sick and takes strong medications - this process will probably happen sooner.

So how do you stop breastfeeding?

It's good if both the mother and child they feel ready to part with their breasts, then it will be much easier. Weaning can not be violent and immediate therefore, both the child and mother need to be properly prepared.

How to prepare for weaning?

Saying goodbye to breastfeeding can be a real shock for a baby, which is why it is so important gradual withdrawal. Don't forget about mother too, her breasts also need time to gradually reduce the amount of food they produce. Much also depends on the mother's attitude, if she has already decided to stop feeding, she should be consistent - otherwise it may fail. It is worth at this time to use the help of the household, grandmother, dad, sometimes the baby not feeling the smell and closeness of his mother, and being hungry will let you feed on a bottle.

How can you stop breastfeeding so that your baby doesn't get a shock?

How to stop breastfeeding so that everything goes smoothly and without complications?

Weaning involves gradually replacing one breastfeeding with another one, e.g. a ready dish or a milk mixture. Then every few days we give up subsequent feeding for the benefit of others.

The hardest part is usually to part with the evening feeding, therefore, we replace them only when the child easily gives up other breastfeeding during the day. The withdrawal process itself can take up to several weeks, which is why it requires huge amounts of patience from the mother.

You definitely don't belong immediately discourage, shout at the child or force other foods. It is advisable peace and time for the child to be able to accept the loss of his mother's breast. Sometimes tasty solid foods are enough to encourage babies to change their feeding habits.

How to stop breastfeeding? If your toddler is very resistant, you can try several ways I have, although some consider them too drastic e.g. painting the breast with a felt-tip pen, smearing the nipple with lemon, etc.. When a toddler demands a breast, it's good distract him serve something to eat, entertain or even hug. Mother can also tell the baby directly that she will feed him less, e.g. because she is already big, sick, the booty hurts her, etc. .

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