The tenth month of a child's life

This is the tenth month of life! New perspectives of movement are open for your toddler! Most children during this period can pull themselves up to the furniture standing, and bolder even walk proudly, supporting the walls.

Appearance - the tenth month of a child's life

The average height for a boy at the end of the 9th month is 72 centimeters, for girl 70 centimeters. In turn, the average girl weighs 8.5 kilogramsand boy 9.2 kilograms. At this age, the child may already have lush hair and sometimes a few curls.

Infant in the tenth month is already fed up well-developed sense of humor. He can laugh all day, inviting to play and understanding many jokes. This adds to its charm and makes it extremely sociable during this period.


Lying on his stomach, the child knows how to stretch his legs and he probably already has great crawling efficiency (if he is not crawling yet, he is already crawling). He doesn't like it when something prevents him from reaching his goal. He tries his best to bypass the obstacle to get to the place where he wants to be. He is interested in seemingly ordinary objects - a colorful pillow on a chair, a spoon on a table, or a pack of handkerchiefs.

Most children leave by the end of the tenth month creep stage and those who have not yet crawled, begin to move in this way during this period. It doesn't take much to push yourself with your hands and sit down alone.

Many children in the tenth month are already able move in standing positionholding on to the furniture. Increasingly, the toddler even gives up the support to get to the nearby sofa or table. Toddlers are not able to frighten even minor failures. If he falls, he stands again and moves on.

The child also finds a large one joy in climbing. He eagerly climbs the stairs (it is much easier for him to climb than to descend later). Therefore, never leave your toddler alone on the stairs! Even if you want a child to be independent, it is far too early for them to acquire such skills on their own.

What may surprise you?

The tenth month of life is a time when:

    • The infant enthusiastically studies the differences between materials, stroking your leg when wearing tights, jeans or leggings.
    • The infant likes to watch other people, including children, paying attention to their every move.
    • The child understands praise and often screams or claps with delight.