Diet during breastfeeding

Around the diet of a young mother many myths have accumulated. The last bastion, very strong, having a great impact on women's decisions in Poland, is hospital. Immediately after delivery, breastfeeding mothers are convinced that their diet must be perfect, which may be the first obstacle to natural feeding.

Some received in hospital the recommendations are contradictory, and theory contradicts practice. Brochures are distributed according to which certain foods must not be eaten. The young mother decides to exclude them when she is surprised when she notices their presence on the plate in meals served in the hospital. So what should your diet look like while breastfeeding?

After delivery, you don't have to make any drastic changes. There are no reliable data that would indicate that a restrictive elimination diet (bypassing the strongest allergens) has an effect on preventing allergies. The diet of a breastfeeding mother should be careful and well thought out. It is worth remembering a few rules for composing meals - although it can be difficult with a demanding baby and lack of time to cook.

A well-balanced diet

Nature is very forgiving. That's how she thought it even the imperfect diet of a young mother does not harm the newborn. By eating hurriedly and often anyhow, you are still able to produce good quality baby food. Mother's milk is designed to provide nutrients and protect the baby even in difficult times and during hunger. However, it should be remembered that a poor diet, focusing only on selected foods, is not the best choice - it can affect your well-being and less often the quality and quantity of milk.

It is worth realizing something else - if you don't supply important nutrients along with your diet, your body will find them ... and start to draw on your reserves - which can weaken your already strained body with additional responsibilities.

Diet while breastfeeding - what exactly to eat?

The diversity and balance in the diet of a young mother are very important, they allow you to maintain harmony and meet the growing expectations of the situation. The daily menu should not lack complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is worth reaching for products that provide a slow release of sugar than nutrients that cause a dramatic swing of sugar and insulin in the blood.


  • mono- and polyunsaturated fats - rapeseed oil, olive oil, fatty fish (salmon), olives, nuts, avocados, seeds,
    a variety of vegetables and fruits - this will prevent the accumulation of one type of pesticides in the body - always wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Vegetables and fruits particularly contaminated with pesticides try to buy from organic crops (apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, imported grapes and nectarines, sweet peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce and kale)
  • buy local and seasonal products,
  • before frying and cooking meat, remove fat - pesticides accumulate in white pieces of meat,
  • eat fish that are a valuable source of protein and DHA - which have a positive effect on the development of children's sense of sight, avoid fish that is most contaminated with mercury - read more.


  • saturated fat and trans fat (labeled)
  • alcohol (the older the child, the easier it will be to drink a glass or two of the wine while breastfeeding)
  • do not overdo it with the amount of caffeine (a small amount is acceptable - up to two cups).

There are no foods that should be excluded just because you are breastfeeding. It is recommended that nursing mothers eat what they like in acceptable, healthy amounts. There is one exception - the child has a visible, obvious reaction to the nutrient. Then you have to exclude him.

Don't delete from your menu - broccoli, cabbage, dairy products, citrus, peppers, garlic and onions - you can eat virtually anything while maintaining healthy restraint and watching your child. If you get the feeling that your baby is irritated after eating an ingredient, you can try to eliminate this ingredient and assess whether it has had the desired effect.