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Social campaigns that hit accurately ... and miss

Social campaigns have one goal. Regardless of the topic: they are to sensitize to the problem, arouse reflection, provoke discussion, help. In general, their assumption is always good. However, the path is not always followed properly. Here are some examples from recent weeks.

A poster that only children can see

An adult and a child standing in front of the same billboard they see something different. The first one, who is often the perpetrator of domestic violence (most often the largest executioners in relation to children are the closest), does not get the full information on the poster.

Only at the level of growth of an average ten-year-old You can see the whole message of the campaign: including a phone number and a message about seeking help in the event of domestic violence. This is how to help the child behave anonymity and a sense of security.

An innovative approach to social campaigns was presented by the Spanish ANAR foundation.

What do you think about this idea?

Dreams allow you to survive

This short film has won the last few days thousands of Internet users. It shows how to look for joy, meaning in life and relaxation through dance, even in the face of difficulties. The clip was created by JubaFilms, a team of four young creators from Germany. It moves, encourages and gives hope.


The more us, the merrier. Think about a child

Unlike the above two campaigns, which collect positive comments, this one divides society. The action of the "Mom and Dad Foundation" is aimed at encourage Poles to have more children. He wants to show that a better family model is the one with at least two children than the most frequently chosen option: parents plus one child. According to the creators of the campaign, having siblings is supposed to ensure better development of children and also help parents themselves in easier upbringing.

The president of the foundation Paweł Woliński commented on the need to create a campaign as follows: "Various studies show that over 80 percent. Poles want to have two or more children, and at the same time almost half of the marriages bring up only one child. "

Research commissioned by the foundation shows that as the main arguments against having children, young people mention the fact that taking care of them takes all their free time (51%), that having children costs too much requirements and sacrifices (45%) that having children, it is difficult to live a full life (41%).

However, as motives for having children, it was most often indicated that children are the biggest reason to be proud (80%), that children give real meaning to life (80%), that observing growing up of children is the greatest happiness in life (79%).

The study was conducted on April 13-16, 2012 on a nationwide, representative sample of 1002 people.

Unfortunately, there are no comments that campaign was not well thought outbecause it does not take into account the problems of parents who do not decide to have a second child, not because they do not want to but because they cannot: because of the unstable financial situation, the lack of adequate housing, etc.

And what do you think about it?