Pregnancy / Childbirth

What does childbirth look like? Not like in the movies!

Do you know this - chilling birth scenes presented by directors with a vivid imagination? Everything happens so quickly and dynamically that the viewer can barely keep up with the operator's eye?

Interestingly, the more unconscious of us (and who did not belong to this group) believe that this is how the child's birth looks like. Just like in the movie. The truth, however, is much more violent. Childbirth usually looks less spectacular, but equally exciting (at least for some time).

Why isn't he like the average movie? Here are the most important reasons.

Crazy woman

A woman at the end of pregnancy? Unbalanced, unable to make a simple sentence, falling into lamentation, crying, for any reason ...

It is like that on the screens. And how in reality?

Most often, most of us function normally until the day of delivery. Mood swings appear, but they are not that spectacular. Although maybe sometimes ...;) One thing is certain - pregnancy changes us, Women.

Not so fast, i.e. the child is already born

In the movies, a woman gets cramps and feels the need for pressure almost from the very beginning. The baby actually falls out by itself, without any breaks in delivery, pushes into the world with all her strength and without compromise.)

Below "Baby Mama"

Hola hola - only the lucky ones can count on express quick delivery. Usually it takes a while for the first time. Sometimes up to 30 hours.

The pursuit to the goal

Most of the scenes in the movies show a dramatic race against the time when a woman goes to the hospital, almost terracing passers-by, bypassing traffic jams, flooding and screaming that she will no longer stand up, that the child will "jump out" from her and she does not vouch for herself.

Yes, there are such situations, but in fact they are a minority. Most of us, when they arrive at the hospital, still have a lot of time, sometimes they get bored before childbirth really begins. And these formalities ... signatures, documents are not spectacular.