They bullied the children in the nursery

A real scandal. That's how you can comment on what the media thundered today. Babysitters in a private nursery in Wroclaw abused children. The wife of the nursery owner and one of the caretakers of the facility at ul. Lipowa was accused of psychological and physical abuse of children. For many weeks the babysitters remained silent. Fearful of losing their jobs, they didn't alert when they noticed what methods the facility owner was using. Unfortunately they were outrageous. Children in the nursery were forced to eat: they were tied to chairs in rompers and jackets, they were put on beds without mattresses, on the very rungs.

Parents report that they were not allowed into the facility, and the children were picked up at the exit. The caretaker reported that she refused to use the methods practiced in the nursery. The case goes to the police. Guardians and owners of the facility face up to 5 years in prison.