Ear effusion, discharge of discharge from the ear after a cold

Pre-school children can get sick up to ten times a year. Every day their immune system is bombarded by numerous viruses and bacteria. It is not surprising that infections in children like to drag on for weeks, which often results in an enlarged third almond and recurring ear problems. One of the worrying symptoms is ear effusion, which, once it appears, likes to convert. What does it indicate and is it always a cause for concern?

What is ear effusion? So what can flow from the ear ...

In a healthy person in the ear occurs earwax. Even its increased amount is not a pathological symptom. When it becomes rarer, it can be mistaken for an ear leakage during infection.

Usually, ear effusion is easy to recognize. Most often it precedes him ear ache. The child complains about tinnitus, "popping in the ear"may also pay attention to that hears badly. Younger child he often rubs his ear, grabs it, cries. He asks you to repeat what was said to him, turns up the radio, approaches the TV closer. Sometimes he puts his head to the side to adjust the ears he hears better.

What can ear discharge look like?

An ear leak can have a different nature:

  • purulent,
  • sluice,
  • serous.

Usually leakage it is not abundant, then it indicates inflammation of the outer ear. Accompanies him pain or itching that goes away when the fluid comes out of your ear. The child notices that the pain is passing away and the hearing has improved.

When the exudate is larger, then most likely the problem is middle ear inflammation. And it is synonymous with tympanic membrane perforation.

Exudate, which is not accompanied by pain, most often indicates chronic inflammation of the ear. This feature allows it to be easily distinguished from acute inflammation.

Why does ear discharge occur?

An ear leak often appears already after infection, when the child passes a runny nose and cough. It is always a signal of inflammation of the middle or outer ear.

When is a visit to the doctor necessary?

If there is a leakage from the ear, it is worth taking the child to an ENT specialist, who will assess the condition of the hearing organ during the examination. At the same time, it is advisable to clean the ears and remove excess secretions from them.

It is worth considering the prevention of ear diseases during a doctor's visit. Unfortunately, the occurrence of inflammation leads to a tendency to similar problems in the future. Ear effusion once observed likes to be repeated ...

As part of prevention, in many cases it works to limit the amount of gluten, sugar and milk in the diet.