Time for mom

My Philips - a program that every parent will benefit from?

In everyday life we ​​do not have time to deal with every triviality. Family, work and home are the issues that absorb us the most. In life, however ... it is different. It happens that fate puts us face to face with a situation that should not bother us at the beginning of the adventure with motherhood.

For example, something breaks at the least appropriate moment. And then, precious moments are missing: "Where did I hide my receipt from the washer / dryer / dishwasher?". Just thinking about packing broken equipment into a cardboard box and going out with a baby and a heavy parcel to the post office gives you goosebumps. Are you nervous and ask - you can't do it easier?

It turns out that it can be done. It is worth using modern solutions. One of them is the My Philips program. What benefits does it give to young parents?

Attention, we have failures

You can easily imagine a situation in which your vacuum cleaner breaks down. Children must be taken to kindergarten. The dog will not move out alone. You promised that you would water the flowers in the flat of a friend who went on vacation ... Not to mention preparing dinner and shopping. A lot of it for one morning. If that wasn't enough, parents are coming for the weekend, so it would be good to prepare something and, of course, clean up, but ... a broken vacuum cleaner! That's when you feel helpless ...

Nobody likes it. And at such moments you ask yourself "Could it have been avoided?"

The answer is yes.

Share your responsibilities with others

Nowadays, people are often tired from the excess of duties that they have on their minds. They do not think about their health and well-being, because they simply do not have time for it, or consider their needs as the last thing to be taken care of. And this is a big mistake!

Your needs are just as important as the needs of other household members, because if you don't take care of yourself, who will? Don't you want to be an always annoyed mother or wife? Exactly…

This advice is very universal, often repeated. The problem is that most of us listen, nod, but do nothing at all. There must be a breakthrough point, for example a home breakdown that will make you decide to plan your day differently.

Share your responsibilities with others, you don't have to do everything yourself!

Take care of your peace as well. Anticipate difficult situations

Let's go back to the vacuum cleaner I wrote about above. This situation could have been avoided. It turns out that there are manufacturers who, trying to meet the customer, try to provide them with trouble-free equipment repair.

For example, if you register your home equipment (not only vacuum cleaners) on the manufacturer's website and you join the My Philips program, in the event of a hardware failure a courier will come to you and take this unfortunate vacuum cleaner for repair, later when it is functional, it will deliver it back. You can also take advantage of other benefits, such as giveaway, valuable tips and presentations. The company's employees are available via chat, Facebook, you can also send an e-mail and wait for an express reply.

Is this sort of settlement easier than going to websites? In the meantime, you can make yourself a coffee and rest for a moment.

Do you need to store receipts?

It is a good practice to collect receipts that are covered by the warranty.

Most of us have a box, drawer, briefcase for receipts at home confirming the purchase of more valuable items. And we'll find receipts for both the cashmere sweater bought 5 years ago (it cost a lot, so it was worth keeping in case it got damaged), as well as juicers, winter shoes, suitcases, lamps, tableware, dishwasher, stove, bicycle, etc.

These are all valuable items, so keep your receipts as proof of purchase. After a few years, you can pull out quite a faded receipt and out of uncertainty (because maybe this receipt is not clear enough ...), go to the store to advertise the product.

Nowadays, the complaint process can look a lot simpler. There are many companies that do not require the troublesome search for receipts. They free us from the stress of losing proof of purchase or having a faded, barely legible receipt.

Thanks to the My Philips program, Philips allows us to forget about the obligation to collect receipts once and for all. The vacuum cleaner broke and you can't find a receipt for it? No problem, if you have registered the equipment then you can sleep peacefully. In addition, you can benefit from an extended warranty lasting up to 5 years. Thanks to this, you will avoid situations when the equipment breaks down after a two-year warranty period and you do not know what to do with it ...

Discounts, testing and convenient shopping for Philips equipment

Cheaper layette? Also in this topic will help My Philips. By registering on the site, you can take advantage of attractive discounts, for example a discount on the first purchase of Philips Avent products, up to 40%. Breast pumps, bottle warmers, teats and cups? Everything can be ordered with an extra discount.

This is not the end of the benefits. Maybe you want to try the equipment before you buy it? After testing, keep it, in fact get it for free or buy it at a very attractive price? Also in this case the My Philips application works great.

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of the My Philips program - register purchased equipment, forgetting to keep the receipt, use the support of experts, high-quality guide materials, buy at attractive discounts and test devices for free? Click here!