Parental hits

Tiny Love portable carousel

Over a year ago I bought a portable Tiny Love carousel. I bought a used version, so only a carousel, no hitch or handle. I did not know that this toy can be expanded. Bad luck (and maybe providence) meant that recently I had to buy the carousel again. Initially, I was looking for Fischer Price Rainforest, because I saw that Basia was not pacifying anything else. Unfortunately, it turned out that the jungle cannot be mounted on a travel cot. Thus, the extended version with moving leaves, remote control and classical music falls off.
I remembered Tiny Love. Unfortunately - broken. Without a carousel, don't move so I immersed myself in the offers of online stores. Searching I met a newer and complete set. It turned out that it is available in two colors - green and pink. I chose green as more vivid. And again the portable carousel turned out to be a shot in 10!


  • Thanks to the attached bracket, the carousel can be mounted both on a wooden cot and on a tourist one. Installation is very easy - you can attach the carousel with one hand.
  • The clip included in the kit allows you to mount the carousel virtually anywhere - to a pram, car seat, any roof, even to the top of an educational mat.
  • The Velcro band also allows the carousel to be installed anywhere.
  • The carousel has a mode of playing and rotating toys or just rotating toys.
  • Melodies are won for about 30 minutes, after which the playing stops and the movement remains.
  • The carousel is very aesthetically made, solid and with attention to detail.
  • The price also encourages. The cost of a new one on the company website of Tiny Love is 89 PLN, but it can be bought for 75 PLN in other online stores.
  • The melodies loaded into the toy are pleasant to the ear and definitely calming.