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Thyme - health properties that you probably have not heard of

Thyme is not only a popular herb. That also a natural way to resist childrenas well as a plant with many medicinal uses. Thyme has properties antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, expectorant, that's why it is recommended for coughing. Today, in the era of modern drugs, it opens up the possibility of natural treatment without side effects.

A short health history of thyme

Thyme was already used in ancient times, in which it served as natural anti-poisoning agent. In the past, when refrigerators were unknown, it protected food products from deterioration, and was used to decontaminate wounds before the invention of antibiotics. Currently, it is most often used for health purposes thyme oil.

Thyme for a sore throat

Thyme oil is currently the strongest natural anti-microbial product upper respiratory tract. All because of the high content of carvacrol, which has a soothing effect on the throat.

The effectiveness of thyme in removing the causes of sore throat was confirmed in a study conducted at the Medical University of Lodz. The effect of thyme oil on 120 different strains of bacteria isolated from patients was tested. The results were surprising thyme showed extremely strong effects on all clinical strains, it was also able to fight with antibiotic resistant strains.

And coughing

Thyme herb has been used for centuries to treat cough and for the prevention of bronchitis.

The antitussive effect of thyme was tested in Germany, where the thyme group had a 50% less cough after two days than the placebo group. Just as importantly, people taking thyme had no side effects, no side effects.

For immunity

Often, immunity limp because the body's internal balance is upset, and many important nutrients are lacking. Thyme herb is a valuable source of vitamins A and C. In addition, it provides copper, iron and manganese. It has been shown that it immediately strengthens and positively affects the body's immunity.

Thyme for food poisoning

The thyme herb has great properties in the field prevention of food poisoning. Protects food products from deterioration. An independent study found that thyme oil was able to "decontaminate" bacteria-infected lettuce.

The researchers point out that adding thyme to a meal can reduce the risk of food poisoning. The best in this respect will be fresh thyme.

Thyme oil for a better mood

The composition of thyme has been carefully studied. During tests, it was found that the substances contained in the plant have a beneficial effect on well-being. Administration of thyme for 6 consecutive days allowed the animals to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, two key neurotransmitters that affect mood.

Scientists recommend regular consumption of small amounts of thyme to get a positive effect on your well-being.

Anticancer properties

The above-mentioned karvacrol is to have strong anti-cancer properties. Recent studies in China have shown that thyme oil can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, especially it works in preventing and treating colon cancer.

For rinsing the mouth

Thanks to the properties antiseptic and antifungal, thyme is great as an addition to mouthwashes.