"Human milk" straight from the cow

Scientists managed to modify the cow's genes so that she could give allergy-friendly milk. It is not always possible to breastfeed, and where the baby is allergic to cow's milk (about 3% of cases), changed milk may soon be a godsend.To date, children with a protein intolerance have been diagnosed Beta-lactoglobulin found in cow's milk and which could not be breastfed, got a replacement, for example goat's milk.

Fortunately, in recent weeks scientists from New Zealand have been able to identify the cow's genes responsible for the production of allergenic protein and modify them so that the milk produced would be deprived of it. In this way, a genetically modified cow was bred, which gives safe for allergy sufferers.

Who knows, maybe in the future it will be possible to bring cow's milk closer to breast milk? And when breastfeeding is not possible, will the young mother have more choice than today?