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How to become a "hater"? 5 simple tips for online mothers

Mothers "sit on the Internet." Some time ago internet activity was perceived as entertainment for young people or wasting time. Today is different. Fejsbuk is an important element of our lives. It's a way to communicate, spend free time, make contacts and friendships, and express yourself. Importantly, research shows that people who actively spend time in virtual space are more willing to help charity than those who consider the Internet to be a devilish invention. Of course, the Internet, and especially Facebook, can be a nasty place full of contempt and invective. All you need is a little bit of ill will and following some tips below.

1. Help ...

"Dear editorial, please help. My two-year-old daughter does not want to brush teeth / eat carrots / say hello to grandma / anything else. Maybe there is a mother among fans who had a similar problem and could help us? These types of posts often appear on fan pages of websites or newspapers for parents. We ask other mothers for help. How to answer the question asked to go out on the Internet bite? It's easy! It's best to use the following phrases and phrases: my Krysia has never caused such problems ... no wonder! Surely you forced her to do something ... mothers should give their children attention instead of sitting on Facebook ... etc. etc. Do you do that? So you are on a great path to get to point two.

2. Rate

Best hastily! Based on photographs. It takes a split second to take a picture. Based on this fraction immortalized in the picture, draw conclusions, rate and criticize. That's easy. Exemplary photo: mother in mini and on high heels chases two-year-old on the lawn. Kick her up! That funny, pathetic, damula from seven pains, wallpaper paper. It is nothing that the photo was taken by the toddler, who was amused by the escape, and the whole family was on their way to the wedding. Or this: a four-month-old baby "stands" on his father's lap, kept under armpits. Shame and lack of reason! They force the child to walk, ruin the spine, etc. Is it possible? Let's move to the next stage.

3. Teach

Remember, you are ideal. "Your right" is the only right one. There is only one right path and you follow it. Anyone who has chosen differently is doomed to failure and deserves to be thundered. So share your wisdom with the world. You may not convert anyone, but at least you will show your superiority and you will appreciate someone else's cost. My child does not eat the crap - an excellent comment under the photo of a friend's daughter eating chips, lollipop, etc. Tell another mother what you think about the new, cool walker she bought for her child. Do not fail to mention that your walker will certainly go to her feet sooner, and her will have defects in posture. Wonderful feeling! Not only do you indicate that they are doing wrong, but you also show your superiority. The possibilities are endless!

4. No mercy

Hit where it hurts the most. Is your mother making a warning call about stringed curtains? Make her think that she bears all the blame! There should be no right angles or cords in the home where the children live. The whole family should wear velcro shoes and the walls should be lined with a sponge. If she abandoned it, it means that she was a miserable mother. Besides, the string curtains are nasty. One zero for you!
Another naive public talks about the fear she ate when her child put a bead in his nose. To work: if you were watching over the child, instead of writing nonsense on the Internet, nothing would happen! Hit and sink.
The child broke his head, broke his arm, fell under the car? Pathology and carelessness. Who cares about the accident circumstances? The land is for you to survive.

5. Be anonymous

There comes a day when you achieve mastery at all levels of explicit "hate". The damage you do with your comments is slowly stopping you. You want more. The last stage is ANONYMITY. Creating a fictitious account is a great idea. You can also choose anonymous options when commenting on blogs or forum entries. When you have this option, nothing limits you. Revel soul, there is no hell! Now you can bluntly say what you think about the author's intellect, you can express all the hatred you feel for a more attractive friend, you can accuse her of everything that comes to mind. Of course, you can also take heavier guns. Child. Actually, it's not a child, "it's something." A disgusting creature. She should invest in a cage, not another cart for a few thousand.

Mother, mother, wolf

Every day I watch with disbelief what women are capable of. Theoretically, we mothers should have certain considerations. Much is said about women's solidarity. The experiences of giving birth and raising children should connect us. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Frustration and envy often outweigh common sense. In the fit of time, we write comments that add nothing but an unhealthy atmosphere. If, on the other hand, a similar answer is given, falling into a spiral of verbal violence is not difficult. From "kind" advice in the style of: and I miss such situations, apparently I bring up my child better, it is easy to come to teach others how to live, and hence the only step to cruel comments and anonymous. The only question is why? What good is an online fighting game that women get involved every day? Thread. Let's not do something that only has negative effects. Let's stay on the bright side of the force. And remember: the example we give children teaches much more than wise definitions.