The eighth month of a child's life

Is your baby 8 months old? So you have a little explorer at home! Read what else awaits you when you enter the eighth month of a child's life.

The desire to explore the world at this stage does not let you forget about yourself. On the contrary - it is very strong and becomes a recognizable feature of the infant.

A baby ever moves more efficiently and has a growing social awareness. It is for this reason that when you see strangers, you either look at them with interest for a long time, or burst into tears - and sometimes both - can not decide what they really feel and think ...

Most babies under 8 months old can sit

Appearance - the eighth month of a child's life

In the eighth month of the girl they weigh about 8.1 kilograms and measure about 68 centimeters. In turn, boys have equal weight 8.8 kilograms, and the height is about 70 centimeters.

During this period, your child may only have one or two teeth, but also as good as six or seven (read more about teething).

This is not the end of the qualities that make a growing baby more and more independent and gives the impression of "more mature".

It deserves attention ability to sit and play in this positionthat takes up a child for a long time (read how the world of a child who starts sitting changes)

Toddler also uses these new skills to learning to eat independently. The child tries again and again to master the technique of putting a meal in his mouth.

When two hands are free, you can explore the world even easier ... and studying the environment becomes much more pleasant.

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Motor skills - 8 months old baby

There are no significant changes in the child's motor skills. During this period, the infant improves the skills it acquired earlier.

It is already strong enough that he usually likes to spend time standing up. You can see this pride in your eyes as you watch the world from a new perspective and prepare for the first independent step.

Child tries to stand by the furniture, but often these attempts are accompanied by falls (due to, for example, slipping hands or lack of ability to turn around at the waist).

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What can surprise you in the eighth month of life?

    • In the eighth month of life, the child notices connection between two items / toys, knows how to put together a plastic cup and saucer, for example.
    • The infant is already aware that the object that disappears from his eyes still exists. He remembers where he left the toy he had just played.
    • The child you often sing will try to join you in singing.