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"Pregnancy by email" Anna Kuliberda Justyna Smolińska

I have not tired so much while reading a book. Paradoxically, spending free time reading the conversation records of two friends, I should have a feeling of nice time. However, this did not happen. I have put off reading a few times, deciding not to continue reading. However, the need to reach the end and look at the book as a whole was stronger. Fortunately, due to the number of pages of this publication, everything did not last too long. What did I gain? An excellent remedy for sleep for several quite tiring days. It was not difficult to fall asleep on this book ...

Good material for the book?

Theoretically, it promised to be interesting: e-mail exchange between two friends who became pregnant at the same time and a virtual conversation about the inconveniences of the changed state, anxieties and hopes. The goal was to present a true pregnancy in the form of life shadows and highlights. Unfortunately, a boring combination came out, a bit on the strength and little contributing, which is put on the shelf with relief and with a sense of "resetting". It is surprising how little is left in my mind after this reading. The described issues are presented in such a way that the body defends itself and ejects what it reads. This is not a book that you want to remember, for which there is time and willingness to chat or even laugh. One simply reads, and if one finds pleasure in merely compiling letters into words in words and words into sentences, this book can have a therapeutic benefit.

Who would I recommend to whom?

Certainly not for language purists who may be disturbed by too colloquial style, selection of unsophisticated words, sometimes even primitive. On the other hand, this is understandable, since the book is to imitate e-mail statements, but the problem is that in my opinion the authors cross a certain limit, beyond which reading this book is tiring. Does not improve the situation even using emoticons. Everything seems to be created by force, seems to be untrue and not entirely refined.

Returning to the question: who can you recommend this book to? Although one of the authors describes her observations from the second pregnancy, it is certainly not for mothers who already carried a child under their hearts. Perhaps reading more appealing to women who are pregnant for the first time. However, assuming they have a lot of time, they have a long day and they have nothing better to do. Certainly the dilemma under the title: whether to watch replays of your favorite series, or reach for this book could be decided in favor of "Pregnancy by email". And let's stick to it ...

Thank you to the Novaeres publishing house for sending a copy of the review book.