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Scar after cesarean section - how to care for it?

Scar after cesarean section - how to care for it?

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Pregnancy leaves many souvenirs. One of them, in the case of an operative solution, is a scar after cesarean section. Does the emperor's scar have to be visible? How to care for her? What cosmetics should I use to make my skin soft and elastic?

Scar after cesarean section - a topic that affects many women

Now every third pregnancy ends with Caesarean section. The frequency of Caesarean sections is constantly increasing. Along with them, there is an increased interest in caesarean scars. In this context, it is worth thinking not only about the skin, but also about the internal abdominal wall.

A cesarean scar is formed at the abdominal incision during delivery. The scarring process applies not only to the skin, but also to tissues and the uterus. The resulting scar does not have the same structure as the surrounding skin, at first glance it differs in appearance, besides it is less elastic, it also has a different structure.

What is the scar after cesarean section?

The emperor's scar runs along the bikini line, horizontally, has the form of a red line, which changes over time to silver-white. After a few days, the swelling should disappear around the wound (if it appeared). When the wound heals, the incision site may itch and be more sensitive to touch. For a few months after delivery, a cesarean scar may cause pain and numbness.

Wound care after cesarean section

After surgery involving incision of the abdominal wall and removal of the child the doctor puts on sutures and the wound is covered with a sterile dressing, which should be worn by the woman for three days. A dressing that is wet or soaked in blood should be replaced.

After removing the dressing, the wound after cutting should be washed with water and hypoallergenic soap or better gray odorless soap. The wound should be washed 3-4 times a day and each time dried disposable paper towel. Once a day is recommended using a gauze swab wash the wound with a wound disinfectant.

Today it is usually used soluble seams, which do not require downloading. Sometimes, however, a woman after delivery has to go for a suture removal procedure - usually 6-8 days after delivery.

About 8 days after delivery (after sutures have been removed, if insoluble sutures are fitted) you can start lubricating the wound with ointment or cream to help it heal. It is worth combining the application with gentle massage, which intensifies the action of the preparation used. The ointments they have in the composition work well at this stage silicone, onion extract, heparin, hyaluronic acid, nacre or allantoin. They are also very popular among young mothers special patches created especially for women after cesarean section. only need to stick the patch to your skinso that the active ingredients can penetrate the skin and allow it to regenerate.

Caesarean scar and pain

Unfortunately a cesarean scar often causes discomfort. Pain can appear in any position - when a woman stands, sits, lies or bends. It's not everything. It can also adversely affect muscles, connective tissue, and even lead to nerve damage. Over time, the scar of the emperor can cause uterine pain, and even causes bowel disease. It is rarely said, but a cut scar can cause urethral pain, urinary bladder pressure, and even discomfort in the clitoral area.

Often, the pain and discomfort caused by the cut is not within the scar, but is still caused by it.

How to care for a cesarean scar?

Many mothers make the same mistake after delivery. I'm trying to get back to activity too quickly and too abruptly. Meanwhile, after delivery, the body needs time to recover and rest. Therefore, for several days you should take care of yourself, it is inadvisable to carry, even lifting a newborn baby can be too difficult. Any sudden movement can cause sudden pain, so take your time, let your movements be smooth and calm.

It is also advisable A healthy, varied diet and sufficient fluid. Unfortunately, many women after delivery do not have the time or strength to prepare nutritious meals. Meanwhile, it is very important to eat a healthy diet and thus allow faster recovery, which promotes wound healing.

When to consult a doctor

The wound after caesarean section should be observed. Please consult your doctor about any disturbing symptoms. First of all, intervention is required when: