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Fetal movements in 20 weeks of pregnancy - an amazing video

How is it when the baby moves in my mother's stomach? Sometimes like having a soccer field inside. We feel kicks, stretching and pushing. In every possible way and often very severely. Sometimes we imagine that here we felt the leg, and there the handle.

And how do you see all this with your own eyes? The following video may be helpful. Scientists have created an algorithm that allows you to watch the baby in the stomach, enjoying even better image quality.

How was the film made?

All thanks to the efforts of an international group of researchers who acquired fetal images in ultrasound technology, taking into account the moments of movement of the child. The work took place in a hospital in London. Brightening the image allowed good focus, even when the child is moving. Normally, during classic examinations, when the baby changes position, the ultrasound image becomes unclear, fetal sizes are also a problem. At 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is still very small, the baby's heart is less than 15 mm. Capturing all relevant data at this stage of pregnancy is difficult, and modern technologies, which are constantly being improved, significantly facilitate 'peeping' the baby in his mother's belly.

The effect of the scientists' work is a clear and very dynamic image that is not only to please the eye ... The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvanced technology is to identify fetal defects. Statistically, only half of the fetal malformations can be diagnosed by 20 weeks of gestation.